$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One - Graphics Comparison

By Peter Brown: "Alienware's getting ready to launch its console-like gaming PC, the Alpha, in just a few weeks, so we took the $550 base model and put it up against a handful of console games to see how it performs against the competition. Instead of pushing the settings on the Alpha to the max, we tuned each game to achieve the best frame rate without sacrificing too many graphical flourishes in the process."

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Foehammer1461d ago

Quite interesting

I wonder if it's upgradable?

HaydenJameSmith1461d ago

The CPU, Harddrive and Ram can be upgraded but GPU can't as its integrated to the Motherboard.

Magicite1460d ago

so basically it cant get improved visuals.

HaydenJameSmith1460d ago


Improved visuals ? Not so much cause the GPU isn't upgradable, better performance... most probably.

ToneDeezy1460d ago

The GTX860 is a pretty high-end GPU, so it's the one that needs upgraded the least, anyway.

UltimateMaster1460d ago

So, not upgradable.
Seriously, who boost everything else BUT the GPU?

nitus101460d ago

According to the following:

"There are i5 and i7 options as well, and users can upgrade everything but the GPU on their own."

so basically "yes" you can upgrade yourself or purchase the box with the appropriate CPU. Of course the article does not mention hard disk size or replace-ability but I would assume that was was a given unless you void your warranty upon opening the case.

Anyway this product is not out till sometime next year (most likely March through June - possibly).

decrypt1460d ago

The alienware is overpriced crap. You could build a HTPC yourself with much better specs.

Having said that, the PS4 is of no contest here. As the PS4 has no games.

Meanwhile an HTPC would have access to 30+ years of gaming library. There is no contest.

torchic1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

decrypt is back!

CernaML1460d ago

^I guess he finally figured out which part he needed to RMA.

DC7771460d ago

Which is why I wish they would just sell the box so I can build my own.

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Future_20151461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Every game on the comparison did look better on the alpha except watch dogs, plus you dont get tied down to a lot of those 30fps caps on consoles so you can play at a higher framerate or up the graphical settings more and get 30fps. Plus you can play console exclusive games like titanfall, ryse and dead rising 3 on pc which is a bonus. Lastly you will actually save a ton of money buying games on steam and online codes. new games on consoles around around now 40-44 pounds while on steam for example borderlands the pre equal is 29.99 pounds. also the insane sales right now on steam like grid 2 for 5 pounds

nX1461d ago

Exclusives > graphical advantages

starchild1460d ago

Which exclusives? All platforms have exclusives.

BattleAxe1460d ago


You mean games like Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Company of Heros, DOTA2 and League of Legends...exclusives like these?

starchild1460d ago

Yep, those are a few examples of PC exclusives. I don't know why some console fanboys get this strange idea that only the console they own has exclusives.

There are just as many or more exclusives I find that I like on the PC as on any of the consoles.

And another thing I like about the PC is that, besides full PC exclusives, it also gets a lot of games it shares with one console or the other. These are games that are like partial exclusives or, at least, games that you can't play on one of the consoles. I'm talking about games like Project Spark, Below, Titanfall, Ryse, and Ori And The Blind Forest, which are shared with Xbox One. Or games like H1Z1, Planetside 2, No Man's Sky, Transistor and The Witness, which are shared with PS4.

Hell, the PC also gets games like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Assassin's Creed Rogue that it shares with last gen consoles, while the PS4 and Xbox One miss out on them.

There's simply no way to get the breadth and variety of games you get on PC on any other platform. If you only own one of the consoles you are going to miss out on many of these games.

Personally, I will always prefer the platform that gives me the broadest variety of games, the most flexibility in how I play those games and how they look and perform, backwards compatibility to continue playing those games even after I upgrade or change my system, options to expand or modify those games, and the best graphics and framerates available for those games.

BrianG1460d ago


"Plus you can play console exclusive games like titanfall, ryse and dead rising 3 on pc which is a bonus"

Titanfall, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3 are not console exclusives....

HighResHero1460d ago

Physical copies & GOG for my collection. Steam for great multiplayer and the odd discounted or obscure titles.

Spenok1460d ago

I disagree with the first part of this comment. Everything else however, is easily true with no disputing even remotely possible.

However, Tomb Raider did NOT look better, PS4 has Tressex, better texture overlays (I.E. Wet skin, and raindrops running down her skin), better, more natural lighting etc. Titanfall was very hard to tell due to the differences in gameplay so no comment. Shadow of Mordor had better lighting in PS4, thought more natural colors on the Alienware.

So in MY opinion, the extra $150 isn't worth it. Though I already have a nice PC capable of running these games as it is. However if I didn't something like this would be a clear reason to get into PC gaming. Especially with the points you made.

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raymantalk11460d ago

console versions look every bit as good and they are over a year old tech

zero_gamer1460d ago

As a PC gamer, always avoid buying these cheap "gaming" rigs. You will regret it. To get the most out of PC gaming you will spend more than you would on a console by a decent margin. That's just not going to change any time soon.

breakpad1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

and i say what are you gonna play on this console???...Steam crappy games , LOl or WOW ?? and other crappy MMoRPG (because allt he others AAA games are released for consoles also) ..NO exclusive games -NO buying for me ...and PC lets face it has NO exclusive killer app games

Chrischi19881460d ago

Lol^^ you call yourself a gamer and act like on PC you dont get games? Many of the loved games you guys play today, started on PCs. Many games like Diablo1 came to a console, but nobody played them there, just like with every real time Strategy game. To act like a Warcraft (not WoW), Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Counter Strike, Diablo2, Morrowind and so on did not define gaming as of today, of consoles, is just pure ignorance and childish behaviour. I can tell you, PC has more exclusives than any other console out there, especially if we put Indies into the calculation. Many genres were started on the PC, like ego shooters and strategic games. Ypu get a pc and ypu get hundreds of exclusives, many of them AAA titles, you get a console and get like 4. 3rd Parties excluded, as all of them get the and where do they look best? On PC. Doesnt matter? Visuals dont matter? When I am on my Wii U news, ps4 fanboys always say, visuals is what its all about, but when a pc gamer comes buy to remind that pc is best in that area, it suddenly is about gameplay and 3 exclusive games. I tell you what, I take a Starcraft over a GoW anytime, but guess what, for starcraft you need to use your brain to be good, instead of hitting just buttons. On PC many ganes at least are still hard, unlike on consoles, where all games are made easy, so every idiot thinks he is a pro gamer in that game.

DoomeDx1460d ago

If they really want to see how it holds up against current gen..They should atleast unlock the framerate so it can get above the 60FPS.

ORRR...Show the FPS of the console versions aswell :/ how can you compare something if you only show the FPS of the Alienware Alpha?

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strangeaeon1461d ago

Someone else should just step up and offer a real console. Screw it, why not have 5 players? I would like to see LG or Samsung make a go at it.

Volkama1460d ago

I'm actually quite surprised that Samsung still haven' entered the fray. They're well equipped t do so, at least on the hardware side.

Also quite surprised MS haven't tried to move past making hardware. Getting their OS and Live out on 3rd party hardware was always the idea I think, but no signs of that.

The 2 things both point to console hardware not being remotely lucrative in itself, and for that reason alienware and steamboxes etc are silly to try and directly match the model.

Lulz_Boat1461d ago

compare it with uc4 graphics please :D

AndrewLB1461d ago

You can't compare it's graphics to a game that nobody has seen actual gameplay footage from. You guys keep acting as if that trailer for Uncharted 4 is gameplay, and it's not.

The fact alone that no actual gameplay has been shown this close to release is strange.

I'm sure you guys remember what they did with Uncharted 3 right?

Lulz_Boat1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

blah blah blah, stop crying little xbot. this unchy 3 comparison is useless. they just used different clothes. you can actually see drake loooking like the E3 pics in the desert section OF THE FINAL GAME. Have you ever played the game??? mhh no, because you are just a delusional bot.

chaldo1461d ago

"This close to release"


BiggerBoss1461d ago

It's not surprising at all that you're using a picture off of MisterXMedia's site LOL. How about you actually play uncharted 3 and you can see just how good it looks. It's impressive even by todays standards and has some of the best rain and water I've ever seen in a game.

OT: I don't really see the appeal of the Alpha, for that price I could build a better PC, but I guess that suits Alienwares business model

Spotie1460d ago

That you resort to manufactured nonsense is both hilarious and sad.

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xtremexx1460d ago

lol, lets compare it to an unreleased game... -_-