The Comparison That Had to be Made: The Evil Within vs. Resident Evil 4

For anyone who has had the chance to play The Evil Within yet, or have even seen some solid gameplay footage, it’s pretty obvious how much it’s aiming to mimic the much-loved Resident Evil 4. From camera angles, to weapon development, to enemy engagement, and more, Shinji Mikami was clearly setting out to rekindle that gameplay experience that we all cherished from one of the most re-released games in the last generation (6 versions by my count).

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PaleMoonDeath1677d ago

On chapter 7 as I type this, I keep getting a "Ah, I remember that from Resi 4" tactic going on, those playing will know what I mean, I'm not complaining though I've got it on Survivor difficulty (Normal) and I've been killed 16 times already, the difficulty is spot on.

Resi 4's true successor for sure.

solid_snake36561677d ago

I enjoyed resident evil 4, but that game was the downfall of the resident evil series.

Biohazard88601677d ago

RE4 is awesome.. But The Evil within > RE4 and is much more of a survival horror game for sure.. Scarce ammo everything is so limited plus i love the trap elements :-) !

PaleMoonDeath1677d ago

Traps have claimed my life more than the actual enemies have, well placed.

iceman6001677d ago

Resident evil 4 destroys this game, and the last time i remembered playing that game it was fun not frustrating.

Biohazard88601676d ago

You are welcomed to your opinion but destroys this game ehh i totally disagree The evil within is so much more of a survival horror than RE4 will ever be RE4 compared is so damn cheesy with its story and its annoying quick time events in the cut scenes the game is good but highly over rated as a survival horror.

iceman6001676d ago

lol yeah well you must like crap controls.

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