rAge 2014: Sunset Overdrive Is Wacky Fun But The Novelty Might Well Wear Off

A quick impressions article via EGMR after one of the writers got to play Sunset Overdrive at rAge 2014 in South Africa.

Quote: "Thing is, and here’s where it gets a bit controversial (you might say), it was just a short level but even then the humour started to feel a little flat as one kept playing. Bulletstorm suffered from a similar thing where once you saw a few things you’d basically seen all of it, and Sunset Overdrive certainly has an uphill climb to prove itself as something with proper longevity and some lasting entertainment factor. "

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Foehammer1488d ago

Gameplay i watched looked really good.

Large maps

Lots of verticality

Fresh and fun

Looking forward to it.

G20WLY1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

This has 'rent' written all over it for me. It's got the grinding from Ratchet & Clank and some fun shooting, but I don't think it will hold my attention for long.

Different tastes. I had the same problem with the first Saints Row - I wanted it to be a GTA rival, but the fun turned to silly, turned to boredom. Here's hoping I'm wrong, since I am just going by videos and articles - I've not actually played it yet - it might turn out alright.

n4rc1488d ago

Not quite renting.. But bought on disk with the $15 bonus from ms and plan on trading it in within a month..

Think its going to be huge fun.. But short lived probably.. Beat it and done

BiggerBoss1488d ago

Yeah this game looks like something I'd have a blast playing coop with friends on for a while. However, it doesn't seem like it'll have much longevity whatsoever so renting (or buying when it's cheaper) may be the best option. Just doesn't seem worth $60 to me

HeavenlySnipes1488d ago

It might just be my personal taste but games like this, Bulletstorm and Dead Rising that revolve around killing hordes of enemies in dramatic fashion are boring.

Unless its something like Left 4 Dead I don't see myself ever wanting to play this game

JsonHenry1488d ago

The game looks like the type of game you'd play and say "cool!" a few times then before you know it that same game is being sold for store credit towards another game.

Dlacy13g1488d ago

Looking forward to the game. I am not pinning GOTY hope on it, just want some crazy fun.

tgunzz1488d ago

Let's go 10/28!!!!!!! Game on!

Lucreto1488d ago

We will find out in a few weeks. Usually you can tell the range the reviews will go. The reviewers are being overcritical this generation. They can go with an awesome fun game or like the above get boring after a while.

turdburgler10801488d ago

If they didn't like bulletstorm I can't take them seriously. It was a great game and pretty funny too. It was totally setup for a sequel. Now we will never get it thanks to crappy sites like this one.

Ra30301488d ago

I also liked Bulletstorm but come purchased that game and after 2 week post release it was all but forgotten and no one played it again in fact I think they closed the servers down a couple 3 years ago because no one was using them. To me Sunset looks like Earth Defense Force but a little better with the humor of Bulletstorm. I do agree with the one that posted the article that this game will get boring after a week or 2 though he may not have used those words.
I don't have a X1 and this game is not putting one in my hands but then only a huge price cut would.

DarkOcelet1488d ago

The servers didnt go off 3 years ago lol , where do you get these info , i played it online 6 months ago when EA made their online passes free because i bought it used . It had a great gameplay but the humour and writing really put me off .

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The story is too old to be commented.