rAge 2014: We Discuss Sex, Story And Open Worlds With The Witcher 3

An interview via EGMR with CD Projekt RED's Fabian Doehla on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Topics discussed in the interview included sex, story and the game's open world.

Please note that the audio on the interview is not the greatest so loud volume is advised.

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anticlimax1464d ago

I just hope sex is handled a little more maturely (in the sense of more grownup). In TW2 women just dropped their pants as a way of saying thank you, as if Gerald had some weird pheromone thing going on.

They'll probably be able to explain it away with magic or something, but pregnancy never seems to be a worry, never mind an option. Are Witchers infertile? And immune to STD's?

If they want to be mature about sex they have to make it more meaningful than a quest reward.

Allsystemgamer1464d ago

Well realistically women back in the olden often traded sex as a form of currency so it's not far off to think this would happen. Values have changed drastically and it is a fantasy world but in a sense they are not wrong. Mind you throwing it around because they can is just mindless.

Well see how well this gem turns out. I'm hoping for the best as 2 was one of my fav games

Roccetarius1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

It seems like you don't even know one of the core sacrifices of Witchers, so maybe you should go back to reading a little about them. It's almost as if you're just commenting on this blindly.

Yes, Geralt is infertile and immune.

anticlimax1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Nope, I did indeed not know them. The trials are much more a part of the books than the games, and I do not remember all the lore from games are that are years old.

Now back in the olden yes, prostitution was a thriving business (There were more brothels then than fast food joints now) in the middle ages, but that does not mean that most women back then saw sex as a currency.

The point is, it would be nice if women in the game did not treat Gerald as if he was the only piece of meat they have seen in decades.

TheWackyMan1464d ago

Polygon will probably rate it lower than any other publication for just showing a breast or two.

Roccetarius1463d ago

I can imagine them dropping 2 - 3 points for just showing genitalia as well. The Witcher handles sex more maturely than Bioware, but i wouldn't be shocked to see them rating DA:I higher than Witcher 3.

TorpeAlex1463d ago

To be honest, the series could use some criticism in that department. The Witcher deserves better than the teenage levels of "Oh how can I ever repay you?" rationale.