‘Hatred,’ the video game shouldn’t exist and is disgusting

It’s almost as if Hatred is being created by the masses behind the misogynistic and reactionary campaign that is Gamergate. In an indirect way it seems stand for everything they believe in – maintaining the status quo old senseless games and not helping the gaming industry to evolve and tell interesting stories.

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pat_11_51679d ago

I don't understand how or why someone would create this game.

xHeavYx1679d ago

For the same reason that people make or watch hardcore horror movies?
Don't like it? Then don't buy it, but stop pretending like this game is something never done before

OsirisBlack1678d ago Show
MaxwellBuddha1678d ago


But it's perfectly fine to kill all the WHITE people you want, right?

OculusRift1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


Goddamn, I've never seen reaching like this before.

Omegasyde1678d ago


Did you actually watch the video? The guy shoots a WHITE woman in the face with a gun and stabs the a WHITE cop.

Get that racism-card crap out of here!

Omegasyde1678d ago

I can do the same thing in any grand theft auto game.

In fact's that the best way to get 5+ stars.

I find a corner, and start blowing up cars, and then shoot at the enforcers that come to try and take me out.

O but Grant Theft Auto is ok, because it has a story?

If you have played Grand Theft Auto, and think this game is "evil". You are a hypocrite.

marloc_x1678d ago

At least the title of this game should have a parent's attention before blindly purchasing for their young children..

Why o why1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I believe a line has to be drawn somewhere. No I'm not a liberal but I believe there's a limit. What I find both ironic and amusing is that those who voice thier dislike of this game are chastised and accused of being (fill the space) In this so called free world, can't some express a differing opinion without being labeled as a result? In a world when anything on the left is seen as liberalism then becomes extinct, everything is allowed under the guise of our rights, art or creativity. The potential for good as well as bad are equal.

........Off to play some more Hotline Miami

Lord_Sloth1678d ago

Actually I think this guy is relying on controversy to breed free advertising.

hay1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

There's nothing disgusting about this game. Just The Undertaker starring in Postal. How is that not awesome?

I'm sorry, but being a sane person I just see in games numbers being substracted from a Health stat, and when it's 0, the animation of the model is changed to more comfortable, horizontal position. Disgusting, bleh. /s

NukaCola1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I guess if it was another zombie game it would be ok. I don't think killing innocent people is right, but in a game, it's a common thing. This is just a hack/slash/archade-shooter like a million others out there. This one just has a noir theme and cool melee combos.

I think it's no different than the 10000000s of other books, songs, comics, games, or movies with a serial killer involved.

morganfell1678d ago


It isn't a separate opinion about liking the game or not with which some of us take issue. It is this matter of the "drawing the line" nonsense. Some people want to set themselves up as moral judges and decree, not what is good or bad game making, but rather what should be allowed in or from a game. Allowances based on moral judgements.

Art dictated by morals. Where have I seen that disaster before?

I was practically the first person to argue in favor of this game, in favor of artistic freedom when the initial articles appeared 2 days ago. Like the game, don't like the game. That is all well and good. But saying the game should not be allowed to be made? Absurd.

Some persons stated the game should not be made because it will draw bad press. What? We are afraid of the press? Since when did being afraid of a bully and cowering before them ever solve anything. Like the press really has a moral leg on which to stand. When you stand up and head punch these clowns they eventually go away. Look at Jack Thompson.

Epic's cowardly actions are moronic at best. As I stated elsewhere in one of the earlier articles, "can you imagine an artist being told, "If I had known you were going to paint that kind of picture then I wouldn't have sold you the brushes and canvas. You are not allowed to tell people your bought your painting supplies from us."

Sure Epic has the right, but does that make it correct? Yeah, Epic is the friend of the small studio...not.

mikeslemonade1678d ago

This is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. You guys are wrong for being relics.

dillhole1678d ago

Exactly. This is to games what hardcore horror is to movies, what death metal and grindcore is to music. It is an extreme. When I am playing GTA sometimes I purposely run over loads of people for fun. Sometimes I just forget the missions and run over and shoot innocent people. How is this any different?

inveni01678d ago

This article is the perfect way to get people to watch/play it.

lociefer1678d ago Show
Ozmoses1678d ago

How is this different than ManHunt or any super violent game from the late 90's or early 2000's????

There is nothing wrong with violence or hate in the digital realm...

I mean they are IP's... works of CREATIVE ART....

you know.. just like a painting, novel, play, song.... they are expressive....

Why o why1678d ago

I think you've got me wrong Morgan. I'm not siding with those who want things they don't like banned. Never agreed with that type. I just think it's just as wrong to lambast people who this game doesn't sit well with. . I hear a lot of people brining in other games like they know those with issues with this game had no issue with other games. I've no issue. . I even said I was off to play hotline miami . . One of my favourite and cynically violent games of last gen. Quality.

Ares84HU1678d ago

I'll buy it. Dark, yeah but looks fun to play. If you can't make the distinction between real life and video games than it's your own damn fault and shouldn't be playing video games anyway.

Dee_911678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Article is nothing more than another crappy blogger thats wrapped around internet feminist fingers.Completely obvious with the tasteless and pointless shot at gamergate.

NegativeCreep4271678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

This game is being labeled as misogynistic?

Sure...tha'ts fair enough...but only until the day that the entire Tomb Raider franchise is branded as misandrist.

I mean that would only be fair right??? Or from the feminist perspective is killing men the same as killing cows???

ChickeyCantor1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I don't see how a hardcore movie puts you in the position of killing innocent people ( meshes as they be ). That's the goal of this game. That's the gimmick. Your comparison is garbage. It's "high score" for murder.

"O but Grant Theft Auto is ok, because it has a story? "

Because GTA gives you the moral ground to do so. You don't have to.

This game is just tasteless.

UltraNova1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I'll get flamed for saying this but the truth is the truth.

This game might be for good in the end. Think about it, maybe just maybe one day some sad soul decides not to go to school with his dads Glock and stays home instead to play this game and let go some of that steam that's been piling up for some time so we won't end up hearing about his 'stress release' at the 6 o'clock news.

And before some of you society's moral pillars out there start saying 'but but some might use this game as practise' I'll say this> Give me a break dude, there are 1000 slasher flicks and many games far worse than this out there already you dont have to be a fusspot.

Dont like it? Don't buy the damn thing.

HateFueled1677d ago


So you find it easier to justify killing caucasians like me in violent games due to my skin color? You sir are a racist. Guess you never realised that before huh?

otherZinc1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

This is ok.

This game won't be sold on XBOX, PS4, and damn sure not on any Nintendo platform.

So, good luck with your team with your grand total of 1 copy sold! You can pay a lot of bills with that small percentage of $60 they'll earn.

And I'm not talking about this Clown authors writing, I'm specifically talking about the video I saw of this game.

360ICE1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

The problem, as far as I see it, isn't really the gore. It's that you're playing an Elliot Rodgers-type, someone whose out to take revenge on others for ignoring him. This isn't 'No Russian' without make-up. It's 'No Russian' with a different make-up, and that make-up happens to be an obvious reference to real life tragedies. A tragedy that's likely going to happen again within a year's time, and again, and again, and again.

If you had renamed Air Chaos Controller to Air Chaos Controller: 9/11 Edition, then having planes crashing to innocent music would suddenly be incredibly offensive.

SonyWarrior1677d ago

this game looks awesome ill defiantly buy it the day it comes out.

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Gh05t1679d ago

I don't understand how or why you write a story, submit a story, and are the first to comment on your OWN story.

And why the hell does it matter if the dev team is all male?

Also how does that relate to "...a second female developer had to leave her home following death threats..."

And why cant you write anything about video games and leave out your one sided, agenda driven views. Take out that first paragraph and you would almost have a decent piece... almost.

But hey good job on keeping on with your anti gamer agenda while writing about games.

Ever seen a B horror movie... this game is kind of like that.

This is just a "B" game.

TheJacksonRGN1679d ago

He wants to get a conversation going apparently.

pat_11_51679d ago

How many B horror movies are about mass murder?

Eonjay1678d ago

Its a novel concept, but its called an opinion.
Your frame of reference doesn't negate Patrick's right to express it.

DoctorJones1678d ago

'How many B horror movies are about mass murder? '

Tons. Ever heard of Cannibal Holocaust, Henry, The Driller Killer, Tony, etc, etc.....

Should they have been made? Should they be banned for ever? What did they contribute to mass killings?

There are things going on in this world where people are being killed in incredible numbers, but I guarantee they aren't influenced by games, videos or anything else in the media. It's because some people love killing people, it's part of the human make up, some people are sick.

This game will not make a difference, it might make you uneasy, but it has every right to be made. And nothing you say or do, and nothing this game does, will change that fact.

KillerPwned1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I thank the author for this article he introduced me to a very interesting game.

If you wanna start getting into movies on mass murder watch Rampage and the sequel Rampage Capitol Punishment.

IxWoodstockxI1678d ago

Well they can keep the killing of innocents in movies. Video Games get enough s*** already, with this it is going to reach a whole other level.

Droidbro1678d ago

This. Do the libs have to ruin everything?

Eamon1678d ago

You can commit mass murder in GTA games perfectly fine.

And there are missions that glorify killing innocents in GTA too.

While GTA's concept isn't based on killing loads amount of innocents, it certainly gives you the tools to do so. Not to mention, it's Grand Theft Auto - its concept is based on stealing people's cars.

Conzul1678d ago

Ironic, right? I'd never head of it before here, now ima check it out.

Movie-wise also add God Bless America and Battle Royale to your mix. Perhaps also From Dawn till Dusk.

KillerPwned1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

God Bless America is a great movie! lol I love them all I like types of media some people actually have the balls to dive into and try to create something interesting and good.

Pogmathoin1678d ago

Well said gho5t... Even the first reply to him is famous for doing the same thing. This is a freedom of speech thing....if someone is sick enough to like this game, so be it. If these people are not bothering others, let them be.... End of......

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Gh05t1678d ago

The movie Rampage comes to mind. Guy makes a kevelar suit and walks to center of town killing people at random... Sounds basically the same.

Or lets go a little more mainstream and think about The Purge movies. For 12 hours there is no laws and everything is permitted including murder. Not as graghic and focuses on other crimes but think deeper about what the Purge really is and it could be a murdering rape fest. Not to mention there are a bunch of movies about seriel killers. Maybe none focusing on this type of story because lets be realistic this doesnt make a good movie story.

Moe-Gunz1678d ago

Natural Born Killers, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Zero Day, etc. There are several disturbing movies that showcase human violence.

Revolver_X_1678d ago

You just answered the main problem with this game, STORY. It doesnt exist. I wont even attempt to correlate gamersgate with this game as it is a weak argument. Just like comparing this game to GTA is a weak argument. Its frightening how many agrees some of these comments are getting. There's a thing called 'context' that comes into play here. Yes you can do this stuff in GTA. However, it is not the objective, rewarded for, or condoned. The game punishes you quite quickly with cops galore with more and more difficulty. This game (from the trailer) rewards and encourages you to do so. You easily over power the police and look to be almost invincible in doing so. Calling anyone with my pov hypocritical is quite discerning, that you cant tell the difference. In the end, they have the right to make it. It doesnt excuse how tasteless it is. I myself have watched the sh!t Uwe Bowl movie Rampage. Is it art? No. Is it even good? No. These things seek attention through taboo controversial means. We can just agree to disagree. If you wrap GTA, Postal, and Hatred into one group you have done a disservice to yourself. A case by case basis is the best scenario.

LetoAtreides821677d ago

Revolver are you saying that in GTAV you can't easily overpower the police? I haven't played the game yet (finally will on the PS4 next month) but in Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs overpowering the police is extremely easy so I can't imagine it being hard to do in GTAV.

Either way it doesn't matter, a sane person would know that the stuff you can do in these games shouldn't be done in real life.

It's perfectly normal for people to have a dark side in them. "In them" are the key words here, it's supposed to stay in the imaginary world. I've had my violent fantasies just as everyone else does. Playing a violent game won't make me want to do it in real life, why would I do that when I can do it in a video game without hurting anyone in real life?

So no I disagree with this article games like these should exist, it gives sane people safe avenues of playing out their fantasies without hurting real people. Insane people obviously shouldn't be playing video games anyways and should be carefully guarded in a psychiatric ward.

Parents and people protecting the insane is what allows stuff like the Columbine shooting to happen. They have this flawed notion that somehow time will cure them or that being good to them will cure them. Time does not cure them, they need professional help and need to be medicated.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard of mass murderers that have gotten their weapon from their parents as a gift. These parents need to be held accountable for the deaths.

We need to be more proactive. If you know of a "problem child" report it to the authorities, even if they're related to you. If you see the child doing anything remotely violent (like hitting their sibling with a bat for instance) report it to the authorities and implore them to have the child undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

TheStrokes1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Rockstar & Manhunt spring to mind. That was a very gory/violent game. Although you were the good guy.

Fez1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I think that's the main difference which makes games like Manhunt , or the No Russian mission, okay to play. You are ultimately the good guy who is forced to kill to survive. The character doesn't want to be doing it because there is a context of their actions being wrong.

I think that is why this game will fail because people generally want to play a good guy that has to make tough choices or a bad guy with redeeming qualities... this just looks like gratuitous violence for the sake of it.
Dead Nation for psychopaths.

madjedi1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Dude dead nation is awesome, i guess that makes me a psychopath but considering how gamers have been vilified as the anti-christ lately that's not saying much.

I just wish the game had a option to disabled the leaderboards and allow a infinite ammo toggle\cheat.

Actually they aren't neo nazi's, that was "gaming journalism" typical lack of professionalism before falsely accusing people without checking the facts.

They are a right wing or far right wing polish nationalist group supposedly anti gay, but likely to someone like pat that is a moot point.

kparks1678d ago

I actually think this is a pretty cool idea to play as the villian and all that. Just something different i dont know much about the game other than what i read here but sounds ok to me!.

Future_20151678d ago

How is it any different than going on rampages in grand theft auto

TardcoreGamer1678d ago

It's being developed by a team of Polish ultra right-wing neo-nazis.

Sideras1678d ago

Do political opinions matter now?
Atleast they aren't screwing their way to better reviews.

HighResHero1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

@Pat_11_5, allow me to quote myself from the other day,

"I think we should be concerned about how many opportunists this game will bring out of the woodwork. People looking to demonize gamers/games, attract traffic, create controversy, etc."

I'm somewhat repulsed by the the game also but I am not using it as a tool to push my agenda or attract attention because that might be unethical or hypocritical.
So are you reading my comments, or are simply a grade A opportunist?

HaveAsandwich1678d ago

check out the dev team. anti gay, neo nazi extremists.

Eiffel1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Not sure what their ideology has to do with the game, regardless I'd never let that kind of thing cloud my judgment just like I wouldn't let bleeding hearts stop me from buying this game. You kill people and cops; sounds like every other open world game I've played. I look forward to playing it.

Gh05t1678d ago

I am all for your right to not support them because of their views... but unless those views are actually in the game they hold no bearing on this topic as it is presented.

Why o why1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

How can you possibly believe the ideology of the creator means nothing. I understand ignorance is bliss and that shields us from cognitive dissonance but I believe you'd think twice about a game about playgrounds or dressing up, for your daughter for example, if you knew the creator(s) was/were a convicted pedophile(s) EVEN if the game no link to thier crime.

The truth is many people spread their ideologies through their art. I do not always believe that that's good especially when many don't know they're actually the recipient.

HaveAsandwich1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

i don't really care either way, tbh. buy it or don't. any way you spin it, it doesn't effect my life whatsoever.

Why o why1678d ago

I was replying to eiffel..

d0x3601678d ago

I believe it was proven they are NOT neo Nazis and that was a rumor started by some moron who was upset about the game

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2cents1678d ago

State of emergency says... hello.

Mindless violence at its best!

T2X1677d ago

State of emergency, COuld of been great, ended up as crap. I was so disappointed in that game.

MuhammadJA1678d ago

Some of you should stop with the hypocrisy. You've been murdering people for years and now when a game exposes it you get defensive?

madjedi1678d ago

No more along the lines i and others have been butchering digital characters since super mario bros in the lates 80 when i crushed my first gomba.

So i have to wonder where is the odd backlash is coming from, that and i am not foolish enough to try and judge another person's moral fiber based on high or low their digital body count is.

Not something that particularly appeals to me, but judging from that laughable question from the author about how many horror films involve mass murder.

They have never seen one, i dislike almost the entire genre, but 2 basic essentials are gore and mass murder or killings.

Freddy, jason ect the list goes on, this is a country were violence and murder are perfectly acceptable in movies and tv. Yet sex and nudity is still seen as problematic.

Magicite1678d ago

what about Postal then?

Rickgrimes951678d ago

The difference between this and grand theft auto is that in hatred the whole game is built around massacring innocent civilians when in grand theft auto it's not the main game and it's the players choice.

jspsc1231678d ago

what do you think of mortal kombat. a game where people beat each other to death

Antifan1678d ago

Go play State of Emergency or Manhunt. Very good games by Rockstar.

HorrorGod1678d ago

It's not the first game of its kind. Like "Postal" from 1997, it features a creepy dude just killing for the sake of killing -- and I loved that game. My 15 year old self played it a lot, and it did not make me want to run out and kill people in real life. If anything, that game relieved any of the "teen angst" I had and PREVENTED me from snapping one day.

So, I say good job to the people creating "Hatred." It's a new game for a new generation. Hopefully it can be the same cure for them, that "Postal" was for me (and I assume a lot of others.)

MultiConsoleGamer1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

They're psychopaths. That's why they made this game.

Comparing this to watching a horror movie is a false analogy. You don't participate in a horror movie. You don't simulate the actions of the killer personally. You don't side with the killer.

People who want to play this gamer are psychopaths themselves. The problem is a lot more common in our society than people realize.

But here's the thing...

If you don't like this game then stop giving it attention. It's publicity thrives on moral outrage. Evil people don't care if you're upset. They'll use you to drive the exposure of their product.

beerzombie1677d ago

Not true some people may go to the movies just to enjoy the kill.
Its Murder porn.

MultiConsoleGamer1677d ago

"Not true some people may go to the movies just to enjoy the kill."

Yes, and those people are evil psychopaths. You don't have to act upon your actions to be a psychopath.