Gamestop Augmented Reality Plans Detailed

Jeff Donaldson, SVP of GameStop Technology Institute, discusses the store's augmented reality plans in this exclusive interview from GameStop Expo in Anaheim, CA.

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gusgusjr1515d ago

Sounds like GameStop and probably retailers in general will make shopping a more interesting experience. Good for them, I actually moved to all digital. These changes could get me to at least go and purchase things in store if the vibe is a lot more fun and interactive. Could go in for accessories and play station and Xbox cards and anything else.

gamerlive1515d ago

This is a really cool technology that could make stores more like theme parks.

DDDGirlGamer851515d ago

gamestop sucks ass Profit over porgress we shoudve been disk free 3 years ago..

tgunzz1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I like this idea. With more, and more digital dloads, gamestop will need more than just hardware sales to maintain it's physical structures. They need to continue thinking gaming social experience (that's how they will evolve, and succeed with the change). Shoot maybe, add sideshow collectibles, and comic books to the set up (in addition to the digital downloads), and it could be very festive when shopping at gamestop. It wouldn't hurt if the staff. I happen to love going there (it's my playground/never want to see it go). Hell, they could add their very own esports to their dynamic. Game bus outdoors, and kiosks in malls... Game on.

crazychris41241514d ago

Good idea, only reason I go to retail anymore is if I need something right away. Lol but you would look funny acting like an idiot whiel you play the game with those things on

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