Get Call of Duty: Ghosts for free with Destiny purchase

Shoppers can get a free copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts by buying Destiny.

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KrisButtar1678d ago

Bummer its only last gen versions.

donthate1678d ago

Turns out you lucked out on avoiding a year old game that is slightly above average and a turd.

I call that luck!

crazychris41241678d ago

That isnt a very good incentive. Almost everyone I ask has said this was one of the worst cod games ever

Retard1678d ago

Nah, Ghosts is just a rehash of the same formula - I.E. Bad; maybe. It's a solid shooter. Advanced Warfare looks like a nightmare; the real worst COD.

crazychris41241678d ago

I bought the cod edition xbone bundle. Selling the game to get horizon 2. Console n controller look sweet.

TheUberAsian1678d ago

I thought it was Advance Warfare for free lol

Starbucks_Fan1678d ago

Lol I picked up Ghosts for $12 new a few weeks ago. The game isn't worth much more than that.

jaren921678d ago

Who would even want that garbage especially when AW is coming out in 2 weeks

venom061678d ago

and AW will be garbage as well... typical CoD sh#%