Quantic Dream’s New PS4 Exclusive Will Have Stunning Environments Using Outsourced Assets

Some new information on Quantic Dream's new and unannounced PS4 Exclusive game's environments has surfaced.

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AngelicIceDiamond1466d ago

The only thing I'm really interested in coming from QD are the actors they choose. Maybe some A or B list celebrities. gorgeous graphics and presentation and story.

That's really about it I'm not expect a whole lot from a gameplay point of view.

Jaqen_Hghar1466d ago

Exactly and those elements have kept Heavy rain and Beyond 2 Souls in a man's permanent library over the years. Very replayable cinematic experience which a man loves alongside his gameplay centric titles.

UltimateMaster1466d ago

I haven't been a big fan of theirs.
I hope they improve the gameplay mechanic to the level of what a game should be rather than their previous entry.

camel_toad1466d ago

Im just ready to see some first screens or a nice trailer. Id love if they went back to something similar to Omikron as far as scope and setting.

MegaSackman1466d ago

I´m a little tired of the "X unannounced game have X cool technical stuff" message, but ok...

WeAreLegion1466d ago

Any time a description for a potential job pops up, we get articles about it.

It's kind of ridiculous.

Outthink_The_Room1466d ago

Seriously, it's amazing how EVERY PS4 title uses some ridiculously advanced form of technology.

90% of companies use outsourced assets, yet when a PS4 game uses it, an article is made.

medman1465d ago

@outthink the room
That's because when Sony exclusives do it, it gets done right.

AngelicIceDiamond1466d ago

Lol right both company's seem to be doing that lately.

Kurisu1466d ago

Reserving judgement for this. It will undoubtedly look beautiful, but how will it play? I absolutely loved Heavy Rain, but to me Beyond: Two Souls felt like a big step back.

camel_toad1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I agree but I dont think many others will. Ive loved everything theyve done as far back as Omikron but Beyond just didnt do it for me and I found the scattered chronology to be a sore spot. That kind of story telling has definitely worked for things like Tarantino films and other movies and games but it felt like it had no purpose in Beyond.

gangsta_red1466d ago

Both QD games have been very underwhelming. Heavy rain was okay since it was something a little different at the time but wow that plot made no sense and after I finished it there was really know reason to go back.

Beyond 2 Souls was nothing more than a massive ego endeavor for David Cage. Everything about that game screamed "look, games can be movies too" but without the focus on "game". It all felt like nothing more than him trying to secure some Hollywood actors for a movie he might have pitched in his college years.

I only got halfway before I took that game back to Gamespot.

If he could tell a story and maybe have another director actually create true gameplay then I think QD would be right up there with Bioware.

DigitalRaptor1465d ago

"actually create true gameplay"

What is "true gameplay"?

Are point-and-click adventure games where you are given choices and simply click on the area of the screen you want to navigate to not games with true gameplay? What about graphic adventure games like Dragon's Lair or Another World? What about classic text adventure games? Do none of those have true gameplay?

gangsta_red1463d ago

Those types of games you are referring to had that type gameplay for it's era due to the lack of tech/graphics and input methods that we today clearly have.

So ...not really a good comparison with TODAYS games. Would you buy a PS3/PS4 game that was all text based? How many point and click adventures have you played for the PS3 and PS4?

The bulk of QD's gameplay comes from quick time events. Gamers have complained enough about the over use of this method in games and Cage writes a story first with quick time events as the main design of moving the game forward.

Cage has the tools at his disposal, a powerful system to work with and the talent, so yes, I would hope he makes a game with true gameplay and not a high resolution game of quick time events.

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