Nintendo Wii U: Choosing not to agree to new EULA renders console useless

As discovered by YouTuber AMurderofCrows, choosing not to agree to Nintendo's latest end-user license agreement (EULA) for the WII U renders the console useless.

There is no option to decline the EULA, and the user is blocked from accessing saved information or playing games, with attempts at doing so redirecting to the new EULA. The only way to regain access of the console is to agree to it.

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KrisButtar1461d ago

That's dumb and at least with other systems they only take away your online gaming.

darthv721461d ago

So why would anyone have a reason to decline the EULA in the first place?

DesertFoxJr1461d ago

Various reasons are explained in the video. Sometimes people just don't like what they have to agree to. Also, some updates take away certain functionalities (ex. PS3).

Ck1x1461d ago

So they could play pirated games and software, or to not utilize the console for which it was intended.

KrisButtar1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

The reason I decline them is I like to wait a week or so to see if I hear there were any problems with the update. I have done this ever since the PS3 firmware update 3.41(I think it was) because it messed my PS3 up and had to send it to Sony to get it fixed and at my cost of $150 :/

LOL_WUT1461d ago

@ CK1x Then thats their business Apple doesn't do it and neither did Sony when they removed linux on the PS3.

The console shouldn't be rendered useless if they don't agree with the EULA thats just wrong on Nintendo's part I wouldn't be surprised if multiple lawsuits came of this. ;)

frezhblunts1461d ago

I believe darth. Why does it matter? They want to update your system maybe when your sleeping so what. They want to improve geez way to always be negative. If my ps4 said it I wouldn't have noticed either

Ol_G1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

In this case they wanna have the opportunitie to hack the console down the road this will make that more difficult

Big_Game_Hunters1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

So they can use it to pirate games, somthing which has been losing Nintendo a lot of money since the gamecube. You can't blame Nintendo after forcing their hand.
I don't see why anyone who doesn't have a problem with actually paying for their games should care about this. I guess its another reason to hate Nintendo so there is that.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

You call it dumb, but the whole point is that the new EULA isn't saying anything that would want to make people not agree.(unless they have something illegal in mind for their console...)
It's a non-issue to accept because accepting isn't going to put you at a disadvantage.
People want to pretend it is some sort of taboo for the sake of even more Nintendo bashing.
That is literally all that this comment section has dissolved into; knee-jerk Nintendo bashing.

jholden32491461d ago

Yeah nobody should care about this crap. Click agree and game on.

If you're too stubborn to click the agree button then I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for you if you can't play your games.

KrisButtar1460d ago

I used to always just click agree and move on but every since my PS3 bricked because I did an update, I like to take caution as I don't want to shell out another $150.

I don't care what it says to be honest but I wouldn't want to render my console useless for a week before I was sure there were no problems or if I knew they would fit the bill if something went wrong then I would continue to just clicking agree and move on.

That being said you should be able to opt out and just not play online. I will be waiting a week after the PS4 2.0 update before I update my console there as well but it work render the console useless for a week while I'm waiting.

zalanis1461d ago

it might be dumb but it aint no different then the other consoles agreements or even user agrrements on my phone. nintendo does it and ppl get pissed, everyone else and its ok. whatever

DesertFoxJr1461d ago

I think the difference is that you cannot do anything at all. No games, no info access, nada. At least with other consoles, you can refuse the EULA and still have a functional console.

Ck1x1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

For all we know though it could be a hardware security measure. Say your console was stolen and whoever had it could just access all of your games with no problems. If they didn't have to agree to a new EULA, you would probably never know who had the damn thing. This is just an example by the way and I'm not saying for sure that this is the case. It's probably there as a software piracy measure more than anything though.

LOL_WUT1461d ago

No people made a big fuss over the whole Linux or whatever it was removal by Sony but yet they didn't render the system useless like Nintendo is doing. Theres a big difference ;)

Dan_scruggs1461d ago

This is a huge problem that I will surely remember about when I sign my life away for the Iphone6.

frezhblunts1461d ago

Did you see the humancentipad? Season 15 episode 1 south park lol but hey many people hit update without reading, southpark was on point with that. Makes you want to read the agreements

Dunban671461d ago

It is not a good precedent- basically we don t own the console after we buy it- I am ok if they withhold the update if you don t agree but to render the whole console and it's functionality useless if you don t agree is flat wrong - it probably would not hold up in court but who is going to court over a $300+- console? No one and that is whT they are counting on

lashes2ashes1461d ago

You own the hardware but not the software.

Dubaman1461d ago

I don't really get why this is an issue. Yeah, not having a decline option is a little weird but unless there is something in the EULA which could cause concern, i don't see a problem. Has anyone actually read it and found a problem? Does anyone ever read anything like this but still clicks Accept anyway? South Park warned you people!

Accept, move on.

Ck1x1461d ago

I was thinking the same thing! Unless you plan on playing pirated Nintendo games or being creepy trying to lure young kids out of their homes, I don't understand why this is even an issue. This is the second article on this in 2 days and no one has listed details of the EULA.

Dubaman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

People are just paranoid beyond belief but wont actually put the time and effort into the strenuous task of reading.
Though you better believe they'll be full of piss and vinegar in a comments section of the internet. There's more text in these threads than in the EULA it's self.

Dunban671461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

apathy is the answer!

It does not appear you understand the point - it sets a bad precedent - there may or may not be something in this TOS agreement that bothers you but sooner or later there will be-

Dubaman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Well when it gets to the point when there is something in the TOS or EULA which could cause concern, then its a problem. That's when the entire internet is in an uproar, it spreads to mainstream and severely damages Nintendo's, or anyone else's reputation. Costing them customers, costing them revenue and creating great mistrust issues which will be hard, maybe impossible to fully heal. Though looking at how well the new iPhone is doing it doesn't seem like anyway cares about the sharing of personal information and thumbprints by Apple. So maybe people are just idiots.

There is no precedent setting here.

Dunban671461d ago

It must be nice to be related to an Ostrich

There is no maybe about it - That is what companies and politicians count on every day and it pays off very well

Re the I phone - people bought it with that knowledge in advance- If they bought it then after the fact had to agree to that or have their phone bricked that would be a good comparison to what Nintendo is doing w it's TOS. - big difference in concepts

Dubaman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

"people bought it with that knowledge in advance- If they bought it then after the fact had to agree to that or have their phone bricked that would be a good comparison to what Nintendo is doing w it's TOS. - big difference in concepts"

Yeah, big difference. Apple did something wrong, multiple things and nobody cares. Nintendo does nothing wrong and it setting "precedents".
You want to talk about precedents? Ok. Look at Microsoft and what happened with the XOne and DRM before it launched. The internet got Microsoft, one of the largest Corporations the world has ever seen, to completely change the way it had intended to do business. Even after getting them to do the 180, people still didn't trust them and that has helped Sony and Nintendo tremendously. You think the PS4 would be so far in the lead if it wasn't for the XOne's debacle of a launch and it's only now starting to gain serious momentum and popularity. What's my point? What company in their right mind is going to do anything similar to what Microsoft did when its clear that it costs them big time and long term.

Please don't tell me im not getting the point, there is no point to this and don't become insulting - "It must be nice to be related to an Ostrich" I can become insulting.
Why are you talking about politicians anyway? Are you one of those people that believes every single person in government is corrupt and out to get ya, yet does absolutely nothing about it besides bitch and whine on the internet? It must be nice to be related to an opinionated coward.
This is a simple EULA, not government policies or conspiracies. It's f*cking video games. Its about 2 pages of text in simple black and white. You read it. Is there a problem there? No? Accept it.

Have you actually read it? Do you know what's going on? Are you aware the war is over, Man has walked on the Moon and you can get the Internet on computers nowadays. Also Pirates of Dark Water was a TV show, it was amazing but they never finished the series so there's no ending and remembering that just kicks my childhood self straight in the nards.
Oh, Wolfman's got nard's alright.

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