Video Games Aren't Just Entertainment Anymore

Many people treat video games solely as a form of entertainment or social engagement. However, the growth of educational and medical video games in recent years is something that merits acknowledgement.

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DarkOcelet1679d ago

Maybe you need to read the article first let alone the headline properly , he said not just entertainment anymore , he didnt say not entertaining anymore . He is talking about the educational video games and how we can gain knowledge from it. It wont hurt once in a while to read the article before throwing a comment and then leave .

sonicsidewinder1679d ago

I got to play Logical Journey of the Zoombinis in Primary School.

stalepie1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Number muncherswas that shit man. Thats how I learn to read

Roman3mPiRe861679d ago

Hell yeah bro I remember that and math blaster too lol