Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners will get 3 free months of the OnLive game-streaming service

You can instantly stream console-quality games to your mobile devices right now using OnLive, but Galaxy Note 4 owners will get free access to a considerable library of games thanks to a new Samsung partnership with the service.

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traumadisaster1681d ago

Nice just picked up the note 4 yesterday. I had the original note what 3-4 years ago when it debuted. Also tried Onlive several years ago and it was a fine poor man's solution but not for enthusiasts.

KarmaV121681d ago

Did you get it to work on yours? I can't seem to find where to receive the 3 month sub for free

traumadisaster1680d ago

On the phone there is a folder of Samsung apps, it's in there after you scroll through their promotion apps.

1681d ago