New Nintendo 3DS Overview...Should You Import? | Invsible Gamer

Invisible Gamer takes a look at the New Nintendo 3DS, straight out of Japan.

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Summons751679d ago

Nope, I'll wait for it to release here early next year.

Agent_hitman1679d ago

Holy moly, that new 3DS LL looks a lot more bigger.. Good job Nintendo, might as well consider getting one for myself.

thehobbyist1678d ago

It's only a few centimeters bigger than the current XL/LL model. I wouldn't get too excited about it's size.

LAWSON721679d ago

My 2ds will hold me over until it arrives in the US

Sly-Lupin1678d ago

Who would import a region-locked 3DS?

thehobbyist1678d ago

Who would import a region-locked anything? Especially when we know it's coming to our region.

nusilver1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

You guys both clearly didn't watch the video, or you don't understand the concept of "Japan exclusives." I give you at least 8 good reasons to import in the video.