Officially licensed & DriveClub compatible Thrustmaster VG T300RS PS4 racing wheel released in U.S.

The officially licensed and DriveClub compatible Thrustmaster VG T300RS PlayStation 4 racing wheel is now available at major retailers in the U.S.

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KendrickLamar1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Not trying to be immature or anything but...

The name of the company ("Thrustmaster") sounds like something a street pimp would name himself.

Either that or an immature 12 year old XBL or PSN

Scatpants1676d ago

I feel like they're trying to rape people on wheel prices this gen. This thing looks to be 100% plastic and it's 400 bucks. Last gen i got the microsoft wheel for 150. What happened, did they fill this wheel with precious gems?

Killzoner991676d ago

Are you kidding? This thing looks badass and well worth the price of admission.

marloc_x1676d ago

Does look badass!

Now it needs a racing game to match it..

Scatpants1676d ago

That thing is worth 200 tops. Id be surprised if it was any better than the Logitech G27

opoikl1676d ago

Especially those pedals look dirt cheap to me, compared to the set you get with the T500 RS.

memots1676d ago

Watch the review.

The pedals are crap but the wheel is very good.
its world above the g25/g27 and i paid 299$ for my g25 years ago. At 399$ its high since the pedals are sh*t and there is no shifter. I think the $300 range would have been a little better.

FITgamer1676d ago

I really don't like Thrusmaster wheels. Way over priced for what you get. Also clutch pedal/stick>paddles.

ThatOneGuyThere1672d ago

you can get those separately for this wheel. I do think wheels are insanely expensive now. I remember my awesome(not really) mad catz steering wheel i got for andretti racing for PS1 that i got for 60 bucks. It eventually broke but it lasted me the entire generation. I took it apart and found out that the thing that broke was the piece of elastic that kept the wheel centered. I wish there was an entry level wheel for PS4. Like, $149 tops.

Jamaicangmr1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Im really excited for this wheel Bcuz I need to upgrade my DFGT but let's be realistic here....
No H shift lever
No Clutch
Come on that's way too much for way too little....... I'm out at least until it's down to a more realistic $200

OculusRift1676d ago

With the price pf this wheel, it better come with a handjob and a motorcycle.

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