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Gamer Headlines' Adnan Riaz reviews Shinji Mikami's survival horror title The Evil Within.

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Number-Nine1676d ago

the score im leaning towards right now. reminds me of a resident evil 5 type game.

Biohazard88601676d ago

You must be hitting the crack pipe while playing this cause this is nothing like resident evil 5 troll... This game is challenging, has scarce ammo, intense and also scary and most importantly a survival horror unlike resident evil action 4 5 and 6.

dansdooz1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Agreed awesome game, best game of new gen for me. Had anyone played it they would know immediately its nothing like resi 5 much more like resi4/silent hill and the old resi games.
Score is personal opinion its easy an 8.
This review score is hilarious, keyboards are dangerous in the wrong hands...

Number-Nine1676d ago

scary? there is nothing remotely frightening about this game. it was about as scary as re4 or 5.

1nsomniac1676d ago

It's games like this that make me realise just how deluded people are on this website & makes me wonder if a lot of people that post here are paid to do so. The game is not like Resi 5 but it's absolutely nothing like the early resi's or silent hill not even in the slightest. There hasn't been much of great games this gen but to call this game the best is an embarrassment. It's truly a crime to give this game anything above a 6/10.

The Pheen-X1676d ago

Have you even played it! This game is NOTHING like Resident Evil 5. Like the guy at the bottom said, you must be hitting the crack pipe, and HARD.

JetP06191675d ago

i agree, im on my 2nd playthrough on casual now just for trophies. i started it with survival, ended up dying 89 times in total. if there's one word to summarize the whole entire experience is that it's intense. it rarely gives you breathing room. you'll find yourself running for your life most of the time.

SuperBlunt1676d ago

Lol these scores are just absurd. Objectively this games an 8-8.5 personally im enamoured with it. 9.5 user score from me

The_Devil_Hunter1676d ago

I cannot believe that the game keeps getting 6's! The game deserves nothing less than an 8. Its an oldschool survival horror game, its nothing but amazing.

Agent20091676d ago

Objectively? Oh my gosh, people, your brains are hurt. There's no such thing as objectivism while reviewing a video game. You just can't accept the fact someone has a different opinion than you do.

--bienio--1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Come on!! Eviel within deserves more then 6/10...easy 8.5,9/10

The_Devil_Hunter1676d ago

What pisses me off is the fact that people have been b!tching and moaning for a new Old School survival horror game for years and NOW that its here, people either are not buying it, or are scoring it low because of the difficulty or old school gameplay, which in my opinion theres hardly any "Old School" gameplay. Its a fantastic game but not perfect, a 9.5/10 for me.

And for those that say it is not scary or tense, play this game alon, headsets on, in the dark, I played Chapters 3 to 8 last night, those goddamn bosses are great and horrifying.

Gatsu1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I totally agree with ya.

"And for those that say it is not scary or tense, play this game alon, headsets on, in the dark"

It brings you a much scarier feeling when playing games like this. I did the same with P.T. and every other horror game out there since RE1 maybe :).

Sketchy_Galore1676d ago

I honestly don't know whether or not this game is any good as I haven't bought it yet (I probably will pick it up for Halloween night if I don't end up going out) but with reviews of games that rely a lot on atmosphere and immersion I think you have to take into account the environment the gamer played in.

Look at any behind the scenes footage of the offices of most professional reviewers, it may have slightly calmer lighting and be a little more relaxed than a call center but it is still an office, with people walking back and forth constantly, talking and interrupting each other's work to ask questions. Imagine playing games or watching movies in an office during working hours, it's an absolute atmosphere killer.

Even with amateur gamer reviews it makes my blood boil to turn on Twitch to see people apparently on their first playthrough of something like The Last of us, answering chat room messages and blasting Skrillex or some other such obnoxious music while they play. Again I'm not saying that's what's being done with reviews of this game or reviewers in particular but it's one thing I try to keep in mind these days when it comes to quiter more intense experiences. The majority of gamers I see on the Internet these days from professionals to amateurs are neither able nor willing to meet a game halfway by giving it their complete undivided attention.

Clogmaster1676d ago

It's true. The engagement is destroyed.

It's similar to being out to dinner on a date and having headphones on, texting and answering phone calls.

The experience can be severely diminished.

JetP06191675d ago

fucking Laura creature on chapter 5 and the safe headed box dudes that respawns infinitely. fuck that.

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Benjammin251676d ago

The game is a friggin masterpiece and the best game so far of this gen.

Art Direction: Superb. Every location is different and very creepy. Imagine a mix between resident evil and silent hill and you have The Evil Within.

Enemy design: some of the most unique and grotesque monster designs in a survival horror game. Fantastic.

Pacing: Perfect. Some of the best pacing I've ever seen in a video game. It never gets repetitive.

Gameplay: incredible. Combat feels just as good if not better than resident evil 4. And ammo is scarce so you have to think before you shoot. And good god can this game be scary. Spider woman anyone?

For me, this is an easy 9. One of my favourite horror games probably ever. If I had one complaint with this game, it's some of the cheap deaths that happen from traps. It's not that big of a deal but it can get frustrating

The_Devil_Hunter1676d ago

Everything you said I agree, best game I have played this gen. Except I would of loved if it was "fully" (for a lack of a better term) next gen, because I would of loved to see it realized to its full potential.

dragonopt11676d ago

Even though this is his opinion I wouldn't give this game anything below a 8.0. This game is way better than anything that's come out recently.

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