'The Evil Within': Six Things To Know About 'Resident Evil' Creator Shinji Mikami's New Game

Before players lose endless hours on the third-person title, here are five interesting facts about the game, which took four years to develop.

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MeteorPanda1513d ago

I've finished it. All you need to know is that when you play...give up all hope on the story coming together with all the puzzels solved...

Don't get me wrong, l love the game, it's deep but falls into the trap some movie/games get when they feel if they have the audience questioning at the end then they did their job. No. You didn't, please don't leave such questions hanging in an attempt to make plotholes feel like a part of a story..

theshredded1513d ago

Game's a whole different beast after the first 2 chapters

jay21513d ago

Bring on their next game but not that pile of **** engine that has pop in and frame rate issues and kept kicking me back to PS4's home screen with errors and crashes

Saladin4161513d ago

anyone get a "The Last of us" feel of the game play?

FriedGoat1513d ago

If last of us was made in the year 2000.

I like the game but the animations are stiff and it is dated beyond belief.

Akuma2K1513d ago

Six things to know....

1. not scary
2. not spooky
3. not creepy
4. does the game go back to survival horror
5. leaves you wanting more
6. not a true survival horror game, that honor goes to Alien Isolation

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