When a game comes out on a bunch of platforms at once, how do you choose?

AV Club: Welcome once again, Gameologerinos, to our weekly thread for gaming plans and other friendly chat. This weekend, as my oft-mentioned obsession with co-op games continues, I’ll be digging more into the physics-based platformer Chariot (pictured above), which is free this month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, so it was hard to pass up. I’ve only played through the first couple of levels, but the initial glimpses hold some promise. For one, the premise is charming and silly: A king returns from the dead to demand more jewels for his insufficiently opulent tomb, and it’s your job to collect them. The trouble is, the king insists on coming along for the ride, so you have to lug his coffin everywhere. (Luckily, it’s on wheels, hence the title.)

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Big_Game_Hunters1679d ago

I choose the only version i can play at 1440p 60fps.

DoctorJones1678d ago

I too would choose that platform. If you could, why would you settle for anything else?

BiggerBoss1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Because resolution isn't everything. Absolutely nobody I know plays on a PC (except for things like LoL) and I'd gladly play a game at a lower res to be able to play with my friends

kreate1678d ago

I just buy the cheapest version. Or the one that goes on sale first.

stuna11679d ago

You choose the one that's best compatible with the console you own.

DoctorJones1678d ago

I have consoles, but if it's on pc, well it will be bought for that. Why settle for second best? Consoles are for that rare exclusive that's worth buying.

stuna11678d ago

I say that because not everyone have gaming PC's. I've been gaming for decades, and truthfully I've been pretty satisfied with just gaming on consoles.

Corpser1679d ago

easy, The platform that performs best, has backward compatibility and usually has the cheapest game prices . PC

Spotie1678d ago

What does backward compatibility have to do with where you buy an upcoming game?

Date_Um_Sage1678d ago

It means bigger libraries, plus a awesome collection.

Roccetarius1678d ago

Considering i only game on PC this generation, that's an easy choice for me to take. A perfect example is the community fixes released for The Evil Within.

Ironthighs1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I agree that this is an easy answer. PC OBVIOUSLY first. If it's not on PC, then CLEARLY PS4. Anything else isn't worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.