Alien: Isolation is a stunningly realistic locker simulator

AV Club: I like the way space looks in Alien: Isolation—the inky blackness of the void outside, the amber starlight spilling in through a window. It’s resplendent. But you don’t get to see much space in Alien: Isolation. Instead you get to see the monochromatic hallways of the Sevastopol space station, variously scorched and graffitied. You get to see a lot of dreary offices, abandoned and indistinguishable, as well as any number of sleek metal access tunnels, disused elevator shafts, and dimly lit vents. But what you get to see most of all in Alien: Isolation is lockers. The interiors of lockers, more specifically—person-sized coffins of the same dull gray steel, each fitted with a narrow window of horizontal slats. You’re forced to spend many hours standing in these lockers, waiting, staring ahead at the same postcard tacked to the inside door, at the same Post-it note bearing the same message—Please order more of above—stuck on every one of what must be many hundreds of lockers littered throughout the station. All you can do is get used to it.

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windblowsagain1675d ago

Your not forced to sand in lockers all day long.

I just finished the game on on expert and barely used them.

Maybe 3-4 time the whole game.

You use other methods to send the alien in other directions, also you can hide up hospital beds, under desks if needed.

I'd give the game 8.5/10 because I would have preferred more shooting in some area's.

Other then that the game was excellent.

Graphics were awesome
sound was awesome
Gameplay was excellent.

Allsystemgamer1675d ago

I would have preferred no shooting

Mega241675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I think the game had a perfect balance of action and terror, If it gets too shooter I think I would have deducted to 7.8. I give it a 8.4, has a bit of everything.

OT: Locker Simulator?, I guess this person is a scary cat, only spent about 3 minutes in lockers, the whole playthrough.

Perjoss1675d ago

I agree, I think the game could have had a couple of shooting sections in it without killing the feeling of being mainly a stealth game. Not complaining though, I really like it how it is too.

MasterCornholio1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Dont give anyone any ideas like that or we will see a real locker simulator.

P.S I'm just making fun of rock simulator and those types of games.

Mega241675d ago

Um, theres already one. It's called outlast lol.

Benjammin251675d ago

Outlast gets a lot of hate now for some reason. It's still a great survival horror game and one if the scariest games I've ever played.

Mega241675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


Not hating, just making fun at the amount of lockers available in Outlast. It's actually good, but not being able to attack or a distraction sometimes irritated me.

Darklurkr231675d ago

From what i've seen on twtich looked awesome

Sir_Baron1675d ago

Yet I've been in the locker twice in the entire 23 hours I played...

tigertron1675d ago

I'm only about 3 hours in and I've yet to use the locker, though I haven't really encountered the Alien yet...

mafiahajeri1675d ago

Make some sound he will come ;)

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