Is Hatred Glorifying Mass Murder?

Ana Febo of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Why would a game like even be made, during a time when the 2nd amendment has been a hot button issue with the amount of gun sprees that have occurred in the last year?"

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HaveAsandwich1463d ago

whoa. that's some sick stuff.

Army_of_Darkness1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

My jaw dropped during the trailer of this game... I was like WTF?? I mean, I love my blood and gore and all but making a game solely about hating everything and killing everyone you see whether they be innocent men,woman,children, dog or cat is just messed up man....
and people defending this crap by comparing it to GTA need to get their heads checked cause unlike this game, GTA DOES NOT give you points or encourage you to kill innocent by-standards for the fun of it which is why the Police come after you anytime you kill or try to kill someone. Huge difference people!

Damn, the developers should at least make these people appear normal but are actually cannibals or something..

001463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

so your saying it's ok to casually mass murder in GTA but as soon as you make it a point to mass murder THE LINE HAS BEEN CROSSED.

the people who've played violent video games like COD, GTA, Gears of war or any other action game where you mow down all those helpless noobs before you, who are raising a stink about this game are hypocrites.

jambola1463d ago


Killing the innocent in video games is ok
as long as you do it for fun, not because you're told to.
at least that's the message iv'e gathered.

Army_of_Darkness1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )


Where exactly in my comment did I say it was okay to casually kill someone in GTA?? my point is that you will have to deal with the consequences for killing innocent people in it, which obviously shows that Rockstar isn't encouraging unnecessary killing, rather only too kill other criminals and bad guys..
and bringing up COD and gears multiplayer?? really?? your going up against people that WANT to kill you bro! it's fair game. open your eyes...

001463d ago

actually I think your missing the point, your still mass murdering all those who stand before you in any other action game, this game just makes it a point to mass murder all those who stand before.

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001463d ago

I hope there is more objectives in the game other then just laying waste to every moving thing cause that might get boring after a while.

Eonjay1463d ago

Well yes, thats kinda the whole theme. Like many other violent games, but without a plot to make it anything more than a terrorism simulator. Because thats what it is. You play a terrorist how is willing to kill himself to hurt others.

Sure it may look like a game aiming to appeal to unattractive, unpopular, high school virgins but its not actually capable of presenting a narrative that compelling. Its just a terrorist murder simulator. But thats okay as long as people realize its just a simulator.

jambola1463d ago

Looks cool actually
no doubt some people against it are going to have a field day with this.
It's going to be called sick, a game in search of reaction, people will be negative towards every part pf the game based on what the trailer shows alone, but i can't wait to try it out.

"My genocide crusade"

jambola1463d ago

kinda reminds me of dead nation, except there's people instead of zombies.

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