For Glory: ‘Super Smash Bros.’ played 1 on 1 is not the Smash you know

VGW's Will Harrison: The Super Smash Bros that has become a darling in the FGC is a different beast all together. Played 1 on 1 with items turned off and on a basic arena, this Smash resembles nothing of the party game known to the masses.

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cpayne931554d ago

Its the smash ive known since melee lol. Love for glory mode, anyone who has played smash on a competitive level know there is so much more to it than just a party game.

eworthington01554d ago

Smash bros. Isnt a party game.
Its a multiplayer fighting game.
You could call street fighter a party game, if you were to throw a street fighter party.

Dannycr1554d ago

It's just like any other competitive fighter. Several people trying to practice with their new characters and then the rest of them spamming with the OP ones like Bowser Jr.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1553d ago

nah they spam with Link and Duck Hunt

Dannycr1551d ago

Link is nowwhere near as OP as Duck Hunt or Bowser Jr. I haven't lost to any Links or Duck Hunts, but Bowser Jr... f*** that!

thehobbyist1553d ago

I've been playing 1v1 with no items since the original Smash Bros. So it's exactly the Smash I know. And I get that it's "technically" a party game. But let's face it. Everyone sees it as a fighter these days.

Sammyto1553d ago

i just hate how when both players have one life each and one of them is 100%+ and the start running around to let the time up so they can go sudden death to win