Alien: Isolation is Alien Done Right writes: "Alien: Isolation is hardly a perfect game.

Right out of the gate, the introductory movie (which has little to no context going in, so unless you’re familiar with the general story of Isolation it might be a bit confusing) stutters like an early Playstation game – a problem that persists seemingly without cause or consistency throughout a good portion of the game. The facial animations of the human characters when they talk in-game are horrible. Absolutely horrible."

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Ashunderfire861514d ago

I'm playing it on normal first to get to see the game til the end. I'm not ready for hard difficulty. I am already finding it difficult on normal. Hard most be super hard with less save stations lol!

opoikl1514d ago

I can testify to that! I'm nearing the end of chapter 5 (25% of the total campaign apparently) on hard and have played for two entire evenings, advancing inches at a time and jumping because of every clicking computer or whistle of escaping steam.
I knew the game could be special, but I never anticipated the sheer quality of this title.