On Hatred, The Video Game

Destructive Creations' new game, Hatred, has stirred up a hotbed of controversy and conversation. Evan of Gamer Assault Weekly weighs in on Hatred. What do you think about the game and its message?

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VRex71681d ago

I can't wrap my mind around this game... I couldn't even finish watching the trailer because there seemed to be no premise, even though I get that not having a premise is the premise of the game I need there to be a reason... let me be a hero, let me be a villain whatever but give me a reason.

randomass1711681d ago

I think the protagonist is unhappy because nobody hugged him or gave him puppies so he goes around viciously murdering anyone. If it hasn't already this game is going to upset some people.

ScottyHoss1680d ago

Or he's one of those "gamers" I keep hearing about on Fox, going around murdering people!! Praise The O'Reilly Factor! /SSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Lwhit61680d ago

That's disgusting. Why make a game like this?

I can see it now. "Daddy, what do you do for a living?
"Oh I make a "game" where you do nothing except viscously murder people"

andrewer1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I think it's about a PS4 fanboy who couldn't get his games [email protected] xD

But anyways I loved Postal that was very violent but also very funny...if this game was at least funny I'd get it...

Army_of_Darkness1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

GTA is like a mario game compared to this crap.

@andrewer... Dude, don't kid yourself cause we clearly know that it's about an xbone fanboy upset about modern society not accepting 900p as a new standard ;-)

Ares84HU1680d ago

How is this any different than GTA rampage or CoD horde mode or Postal or Carmageddon? There always were and are violnent games out. This is just a no BS straight to the point game. And the key word here is GAME.

People get offended so easily. Especially people from the USA.

ps: before anyone starts to attack me, I'm from the USA too.

randomass1711680d ago

It's about context. Grand Theft Auto gives the player the choice to go on a murder spree like this and the means to do it are pretty over the top. But the game will punish you by sending a lot of cops your way. This game makes the killing hapless of bystanders the objective and the trailer suggests that they won't be able to fight back at all which is why it is unsettling to some people. Imagine No Russian from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as a game. This is basically that.

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Radical_Crab1681d ago

While there's absolutely an argument to be made for Hatred, I'm not sure it's an argument anyone will WANT to put forward.

nick47611681d ago

i just don't think this is a good game to release in the wake of all the issues happening in the gaming world at the moment.

ABBAJESUS1680d ago

Yeah. They should release school shooting dlc for lols

zero_syndicate1680d ago

The game looks like a solid top down shooter. An I don't think this is a game in which you're supposed to "feel good", and there are games out there that make you question yourself and the moral decisions that you make. There are games out there that the ending isn't about a happy one, for example Depression Quest.

The developers CLEARLY know what they've created, and its not really so bad when compared to games that put the lives of civilians in danger (literally EVERY GTA) and lets not forget the Airport shootout in MW2. Some might say, "Oh you were an undercover agent you had to do it." but really the difference between that scene and this is minimal.

Now will I talk about my kill streak, score, or count if I end up playing this game? No probably not, it is a really gruesome game that I wouldn't talk about more so than, "Have you heard of Hatred?" Will I buy the game? I'm not sure, but I would like to play the game definitely.

Problem here? I see none. Its just a game.

360ICE1680d ago

I agree that it does a lot of what games already do to a large extent, just without the make-up.

Then again, wouldn't you agree that they've walked an extra mile when they put in a background story about a person with severe mental issues who is out to get everyone? They could've just put you in an open world with guns and said "Have fun", but nope, they had to make the main guy into Elliot Rodger + the guy from The Darkness.

randomass1711680d ago

I disagree with it looking like a solid game. It really looks bland and lifeless and essentially an attempt at trolling. Take away the dark brooding aesthetic and make it a paintball game. You are basically left with a top down shooter that will be way too easy since the point of it is just to shoot everything in sight that cannot defend itself. Furthermore I would argue that the monochrome filter does little to hide the simplistic graphics and I found the player character's voice to be annoying, like Christian Bale Batman annoying.

I'm in the same camp that it's just a game, but let's not glorify this into something it isn't. This game is very clearly about controversy, not substance.

zero_syndicate1678d ago

When I say solid, I don't mean game of the year, or one of the top games of its genre solid. I quite literally mean its just solid, it'll work, it looks to play well, but I don't mean to take it to that next step in saying that it will score high. If I really wanted to look deeper into the title I'm sure there may or may not be things that we can find to be rather poor in creativity. But it does simply look to be "solid" nothing more.

GCO Gamer1680d ago

I actually got a chance to interview the creative director for this game and trust me when I say, I don't care if you think it's wrong or its right.

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