'The Crew' exclusive: Packing in more value and depth than any racer this year

The racing genre is undoubtedly one of the busiest sectors of the gaming industry during the next few months, and the few weeks prior. With more than a handful of racers launching within two months of each other, it's safe to say competition is at an all time high. Even with the mighty competition, Ubisoft has managed to create what could be the best racer of the year, The Crew.

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bauer0071461d ago

The only problem is it looks like a PS2 game...

vric1461d ago

And have very bad handling (beta)

bauer0071461d ago

I cant believe I forgot to mention how horrible the handling was!

NeoGamer2321461d ago

We will see.... forza horizon 2 has 200 cars at launch, a massive map, 672 races in 168 championship events, XP collectibles, fast travel collectibles, 5 showcase races, 10 barn collectibles, road trips, 30 speed traps/zones, and 25 driving perks, and open world online.

Literally hundreds of hours of gaming. If the crew compares it will be surprising.