Cut content and season passes – is this our Destiny?

Last generation saw some really discouraging trends creeping into video gaming. Whether it was studios getting disbanded like D-list boy bands with frightening regularity, or publishers investing so much money into titles that they could no longer afford to take creative risks for fear of failure - its safe to say the industry took some disappointing turns.

To many though, the biggest disappointment of the last generation came in the form of additional downloadable content...

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ramiuk11679d ago

Dlc and season passes have almost killed gaming imo because as post says there planning dlc before the games finished and in some cases having it on disc at release.
On the other hand last of us story dlc was great and I would of bought that had it not been bundled with the ps4 game

Stapleface1678d ago

So in other words, DLC has almost killed gaming unless it's TLOU. Well, I can't say this is the first time I've seen that comment here on N4G. I guarantee you that DLC was planned before release, may have even been finished before release. Double standards. People love them.

Omnisonne1678d ago

I have to say, at least TLoU still feels like a complete game and story, and could easily stand on its own without added DLC.

Whereas games like Destiny sort of feel like swiss cheese, theres pieces missing everywhere, probably with the intention to fill it up through DLC

ramiuk11678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

i mean in regards to them extending the story i dont mind as much.filling in the gaps was worth it and the last of us was an epic game

Stapleface1678d ago

This was about the DLC, not about the game feeling incomplete or not, which it didn't. Doesn't change the fact that they "most likely" (because I can't say for certain) planned that DLC before they released the game. Likely even had it finished before they shipped. Is all I was saying. I didn't say TLOU was a bad game. It wasn't, I enjoyed my time with the game. Didn't get the hype, but again, that's not me saying the game was bad, just not the best ever like many claim. Which is their right. All I'm saying is that every dev is after money. That's why they do this job. Not for the love of art, or they would give away their games for free. They have just figured out it's even easier than it ever has been to sucker many out of their money. When Bungie does it, is no worse or better than when Naughty Dog does it. That story DLC was a missing part of the story. Something they took out to sell later. Simple as that. I know it's hard to admit, but that's the way it is.

Omnisonne1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Its cool, I was just pointing out the different purpose of the DLCs. One being to add to a story, the other being to create a story.

However DLC for just multiplayer (new maps, strikes, gear etc) is a different matter. Which i think is a part of an MMO/online experience.
I just didnt like their approach to leaving so many info out on the campaign's story, and expect people to shell out $10 for every lost bit

Edit: Given that they plan to ever explain more about the story

Perjoss1678d ago

"I have to say, at least TLoU still feels like a complete game and story, and could easily stand on its own without added DLC."

This is key really. When you hand over a good chuck of wages to play the latest game the last feeling you want creeping over you is that you are not getting the whole experience. If games companies are releasing stuff afterwards that really should have been in the game in the first place then its perfectly normal to feel cheated and as a result lose trust in that company.

I do like these spinoff DLCs that ive seen lately like Boold Dragon, as they are seperate mini stories that are totally optional, not to mention good quality and totally worth your time.

CervantesPR11678d ago

Theres a difference between doing DLC wrong and doing DLC right.

Palitera1678d ago

Omnisome: "Swiss cheese". Haha I used to call it a DLC vending machine, but now I really don't know which is the better analogy...

On topic, YES! It has been here for a long time, but the best selling new IP in history has taken it to another level. It is a tragedy for us, but we brought it on ourselves. Now we have to #dealwithit.

Then again, it will all be absolutely deserved. We are complete idiots as costumers and the 20 USD barebones DLC called 'expansion' (lol) will sell like cupcakes.

Expect other companies to follow.

bequietdrive1676d ago

The Last Of Us had a finished narrative, its DLC merely added to it. Destiny's content was actively cut from previews to release.

It will be telling if we get Europa and Mercury as the next DLC packs.

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joab7771678d ago

I have no problem with cut content on an mmo simply b/c pacing is more important ant to longevity and viability than allowing hardcore players to chew through content.

But, how much smarter would it have been to make the December dlc free? Ppl would be drawn back if they left b/c there is no monetary investment. Now, if ppl leave to play something else, and have to pay $20 to come back, they wont. I have invested alot of time and other than Dragon Age, nothing really interests me, so I will keep playing. Not everyone will. Bad decision Activision.

And I finally hot 30 on my lock. Now working on 27 hunter and level 2 titan lol!

vallencer1678d ago

All DLC is planned before the game comes out. Through the process of the company making the game they start shifting people from the core game to think and plan DLC for the game. Everyone just assumes that all the people working on the game plan and create content side by side. They in fact do not do that.

Video games are expensive to make and they are the only form of media that haven't risen in price every year or every few years like EVERY other form of media. So honestly with that in mind I really have no problem with them planning DLC before the game has come out. Now I don't agree with every companies practice, looking at you capcom, but for the most part companies do DLC in a way that isn't bad for the consumer.

The biggest problem is that gamers, not all, feel entitled to EVERY piece of everything the developer makes. Let's be honest that isn't very fair nor realistic. For developers it's a double edged sword. People complain that DLC comes out too soon because they "took" it out of the game and release it day one or in a month. Then let's say they don't do that and it takes them months to bring out DLC people will complain that it took them too long to make content for the game.

Most people don't keep playing the same story based games for upwards of 6 months to a year and the optimal time for DLC to come out is within the first few months when people are still playing the game. It's competitive in the gaming market and they have to do something to stay afloat.

Also the best analogy I can think of for DLC are what movies do with deleted scenes. When you pay to go see a movie you're technically not seeing all of it. So when you buy the movie on blu ray or dvd then you get the full experience with commentary and deleted scenes and everything else included on the disk. Most companies take things out that are akin to those items from a movie and sell them for a lot cheaper then a blu ray disk.

Oh and my sources for video game company practices? I have multiple friends that work in various company studios. Epic, Redstorm, Funcom, etc.

KrisButtar1678d ago

You make some valid points but I always thought DLC was to help combat against used games sales and add revenue?

I think the problems with dlc are pretty basic. Games should not have on disc dlc, dlc should not be finished before the game unless its a bug free game, if dlc does finish before the game it should be added to the game, No day 1 dlc.

If a game does this I buy the game used and get my friends to do the same. The more people I meet the more of us are doing this. I hate buying used games because the developers get nothing from them but crappy practices are not going to stop me from playing games

DivoJones1678d ago

TLOU also handled things differently.. it had a complete storyline with the dlc tying into it. Many games though, Assassins Creed, Destiny (to name a couple) take story pieces out of a storyline, then offer them to you as either a pre-order bonus or DLC. And that is bullshit.

Their obvious intent is to drive up game prices to essentially be $100 for the 'complete story/experience'. I already have a hard time validating $60 for most titles, hence why I still pay for gamefly.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

DLC is optional. No one is forced to buy it. Why are some people intent on making something out of nothing? The only DLC i have ever purchased is additional story content. Other than that, season passes and DLC don't interest me in the least. A game like Destiny would definitely benefit from additional STORY driven content. Anything else would be a waste of time.

knifefight1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

"DLC is optional. No one is forced to buy it."

^ And it's unfortunate when that content (the "C" in "DLC") is removed from the original version of the game and instead sold separately. For example, go back to SNES days and remove Mileena and Jax from Mortal Kombat II and imagine they cost $3 each to add. Go back to PSOne days and remove the unlockable stealth suit and bandana; they now cost $3 each. Go back to Final Fantasy 8 and remove Triple Triad; it is now sold separately for $8.

My examples are hypothetical but very realistic.

That kind of thing. That's not what DLC started out as, that's not what DLC *always* is, but that's what a lot of DLC is becoming.


InTheLab1678d ago

Well said. That's exactly what's going on and Destiny is a prime example of that. The Stranger shows up and tells you she doesn't have time to tell you why she doesn't have time despite having all the time in the world to explain after the mediocre ending.

It's obvious there's something there that will be addressed in the dlc. Why can't people understand that this is pure bulls$:t.

Dirtnapstor1678d ago

While I agree to the nickle and diming for in game items, is no developer allowed to make DLC at this point? Can they have plans for expansion between discs? Everyone says they cut out portions just to "create" DLC, but really, on who's authority?
People don't like the way things played out in the game, therefore the "developer was holding back" just to make more money blah blah blah...
DLC is commonplace at this point. If one does not have an interest in furthering their story or MP career, don't buy it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1678d ago

If you don't want it, don't buy it. It's just that simple.

Roccetarius1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Until people wake up and stop supporting the practice, yes. They'll gladly cut out the content, then sell it to you instead of a full game. That reminds me of a recent game called The Evil Within, which is getting a incomplete story.

Oh, and now we're going to see more and more episodic content. It's like games are turning into TV shows as well, which definitely will be abused.

ManAnimalX1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Exactly which was always the end game the whole time.

Projections on tv watching declined after 9-11 as people started to wake up realizing who was ruling over them. Hollywood(Satan's creative Art department for the destruction and brainwashing of the human soul) and the "Interactive Entertainment Industry" called video gaming devised a plan to incrementally bring TV style epidsodic content in a grand $$ making scam.

Your enslavement has arrived.

Findingcrybabies1678d ago

considering all the hype and the sheep made this game a huge success and what ajoke the game is in terms of actual content and things...yes. gamers as a whole proved this is acceptable. No matter how much you cry with your wallet is what does the talking.

thekhurg1678d ago

No other shooter has ever provided this much content at launch. Take off the crybaby glasses.

Hanuman1678d ago

Can we please drop the sheep remarks already?

Findingcrybabies1678d ago

what term should be used in its place? like lemming or something? I'm open to it.

bequietdrive1676d ago

Its a great game, but its still a fraction of what was promised - and that's the problem here.

ZombieKiller1678d ago

Activision is our Destiny and that's our Activision. Activision thrives in the gaming industry by selling the first half of the game on disc, then the second half as dlc. I saw that coming from a mile away with Destiny which is why I got the standard disc for $60 and that's it. Bored the repetitive nature of the game already am glad I made the choice i did.

Sometimes it's better to look past the game and see who's in charge before you buy.

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