Namco confirms Project Cars delay, reveals new release date

Update by Eurogamer: Project Cars distributor Bandai Namco has now officially confirmed the game's delay until 20th March 2015.

In a statement passed to Eurogamer, the company reaffirmed the reasons stated to backers by Slightly Mad Studios - a move away from a competitive holiday season dominated by household names and extra time to polish the game.

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daver61463d ago

Real shame we will have to wait till next year but i am sure it will be worth it.

Applejack1463d ago

I'm pretty sure this delay is because of the other heavy hitters releasing around that time. Why else would you delay a game so close to release?

caseh1463d ago

Maybe because it's in bad shape and rather than release to scores of 5/10 for a complete faff of a launch they've decided to sit on it for another six when it releases in an incomplete state, we can all sit around scratching our heads wondering why.

Oh, wait...

cleft51463d ago

Yeah, Project Cars seems like a game that the developers lack confidence in. First they delay it on WiiU and now everything else. I can understand not wanting to compete against the heavy hitters, but at a certain point you either have confidence in your game or you don't. If they don't have confidence in their game, why should anyone else?

pinkcrocodile751463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I'm a little perplexed boys, The game is delayed, not cancelled, so why the contention that the developers lack confidence in their own game?

The statements say nothing to imply that! It just clarifies their position.

There is no smoke and most certainly no fire here!

You guys are worse than an old ladies sewing circle!

Maybe @caseh and @cleft5 can enlighten us, I'm sure we wait with bated breath

uth111463d ago

yes, but this schedule was known for months.

I wonder if the DriveClub launch issues and reviews scared them and they want to make it more solid rather than plan on patching issues after release?

badz1491463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I think they delayed it because they now kinda "have to" make it as open world, you know, like a certain game, or the reviews will be "bad"!

Forn1463d ago

I'm going to have way to many amazing games to play by March next year, so I guess it's a no purchase for PCars. Shame. I'll just wait till GT7 releases.

dumahim1463d ago

Around? Just the same day was GTA V, Far Cry 4, and Escape Dead Island. Probably others. Kind of glad this is delayed.

DevilOgreFish1463d ago

Sucks, but i'm sure it has plenty of reason to delay. looks beautiful no doubt.

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donman11463d ago

Sooo... That now means the WiiU version coming out in 2016. Cause we known it would be too shocking to release it too close to the PS4/XboxOne version.

Bigpappy1463d ago

So we can go ahead an call Horizon 2 racer of the year. DC will also gain so more traction form this, as it's the only racer on PS4 this year.

mcstorm1463d ago

Might even see the WiiU version axed after this would just be the luck of the wiiu.

Magicite1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

we had 4 noteable racing games this year + 1 (the crew), I dont think theres lack of this genre.

marloc_x1463d ago

Kudos for not pulling the trigger until it's right :)

Now, give Wii U a simultaneous premier and I will buy your games till the grave..

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johny51463d ago

Now that's what I call lack of confidence!

n4rc1463d ago

I find it refreshingly honest..

They know they are the new guys.. Its smart

If you created a new TV show.. You would want the series premiere to go against game of thrones? Nah man... You leave the big names to their spotlight and shine alone later on..

cleft51463d ago

The problem with that logic is when does later happen? For example, if a new tv show doesn't premiere against something like Game of Thrones premiere that might seem smart, but every week there is a new Game of Thrones episode. Once that episode is released, doing the week, there is a ton of hype that builds around it and it becomes the talk of the week leaving no room for anything to come in at a later point.

So what is the smart move then? To wait until Game of Throne ends altogether? Okay lets do that, well what is to stop the next big name production from releasing directly after it ends because they where waiting for the one mega show to end like everyone else.

October was suppose to be crazy for games and then everyone started delaying their game. The end result was November being crowded and the first two months of next year being crowded. All the companies got scared and because of their lack of confidence they missed out on an opportunity to sale their game. Ubisoft made the same mistake with Rayman Legends. The point is simple, a developer has to be confident in their game and just release when they know it is ready. I remember when everyone said Borderlands was being sent out to die because it was releasing against Call of Duty. The end result was that Borderlands found it's own market and became a huge franchise. If developers don't have confidence in their games, why should anyone else?

n4rc1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I should have been more specific with my example..

I more meant games like forza horizon or drive club.. The big exclusive racers are garnering everyone's attention and money..

For another racer trying to break in.. Its best for those games initial hype to die down a bit.. I wouldn't put my product against them if I didn't have to

And racers are a bit different.. Fps is a huge huge market with many varying preferences... Most people I know don't even like racers and the ones that do won't buy multiple titles at a time like many (myself included) do with fps games

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Ristul1463d ago

I want this game to be good, if it bombs then there is pretty much no driving game that interest me until the new Gran Turismo is out. I'm scared now.

totalrecoilzz1463d ago

assetto corsa is the best racing your ever play its amazing.

Ristul1463d ago

assetto corsa looks good, but it is PC only as of now?

EnzoLuca1463d ago

no no that accolade belongs to GTR2