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hello121681d ago

65gigs my hardrive is nearly full up from downloading.

Webbyy1681d ago

Wow 65 gb is insane!... Better get my external in a week or so for real.

good stuff

Naga1681d ago

Considering this is 4 full games and a movie, I'm not surprised at all by the size.

4Sh0w1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Holy Smokes! Damm I'm so glad I just got my 3TB External HDD last week for $115 I only had about 3GB left after my FH2 download. Also if you guys look around I think you can find some good externals even cheaper, I'm just a bit impatient. They really did a nice job with the external support, literally the setup only took a few seconds after pluging it in, ask me if I wanted to make it my default storage, which I did so I could pre-download SSO. Now this HaloMCC is freakin huge but when you consider its 4 SP games and all the maps even from pc it sort of makes sense. I love having all my games digital, just a couple clicks or a voice command away from gameplay. I think that should cover me for the rest of this gen because once it fills up I'm sure I'll have a ton of games I'm not playing anymore that I can delete.

darthv721681d ago

So it is safe to assume this will be a 2 disc set? Unless they are using 75 or 100gb bluray discs.

I wonder how it will be split up. 1 & 2 on one disc, 3 & 4 on the other.

radler1681d ago

There's a 20GB day one patch lol. Jesus.

I feel sorry for people with bandwidth caps.

ThatOneGuyThere1681d ago

cant you just install a bigger internal one? external drives are s....lll........o............w

BX811680d ago

Not bad. Last I checked the new cod aw was around 45 gigs just for the one game.

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spicelicka1681d ago

delete games you don't play or have finished, you can always re-download them

Webbyy1681d ago

True but that can be a pain.. especially if you do not have good internet speed

xX1NORM1Xx1681d ago

This is why I stay as physical as I can XD I'm soooooooo lazy it's like my pic I have used all my space before and I have a 1tb HD small for the times I know, they are just gonna have to make some yottabyte HDDs before I'm happy XD

MSBAUSTX1680d ago


If you dont have good internet speed then you are really going to hate trying to download 65 gig. If the speed worries you and you dont want to clear space I would grab a hard copy and then only worry about the 20 gig download

KillerPwned1681d ago

Buy physical? Problem solved for everything then. Now seeing as this is 65GB and were not even a year into the life cycle I cant wait to see if games get even bigger on these consoles.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1681d ago

Wont make a difference, you still need to install.
..Catch up dude!

I cant wait for this collection, hype of the meter!

mhunterjr1681d ago

I really doubt games this size will be common this gen. MCC comes with five games worth of assets...

Perjoss1681d ago

I hear its a 20+ gig patch day 1 to enable the multiplayer.

ramiuk11681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

what about the disc version,there gonna force people to download a 20gb patch ??

surely there gonna let folk preload the patch?>

KarmaV121681d ago

If digital then yes, you can pre-download the content patch

esemce1681d ago

45Gb on disc + 20Gb download for the multiplayer part.

DivoJones1681d ago

My 2TB external laughs at your dilemma and load times.

Magicite1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

does 65gb means 2 Blu Ray discs?
@Spid3r6 - its not one game, but 4.

ThatOneGuyThere1681d ago

theyre only including 1 disk. the remaining 20GB has to be downloaded via a day 1 "patch". Because money.

2cents1681d ago

65 Gigs of PEW PEW!!!

I cant bloody wait!

otherZinc1681d ago

@343 Industries,

I asked you a longtime ago to make Halo 2 Campaign Co-op via Horizontal Splitscreen, instead of vertical splitscreen.

Halo 2 is the only Halo Game I've yet to beat in Campaign Co-op in Legendary Mode, now, it will be done in November.
Thanks for listening!

hduce1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I'm glad I just bought that 4tb drive from Amazon.

Automatic791680d ago

I got an external hard drive. Best thing I did.

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Spid3r61681d ago

Holy Smokes that is one heavy game, lucky I bought a 2tB external.

mcstorm1681d ago

Yeah ive just done the same things 2TB should last me a bit. Cant wait for this game.

lemoncake1681d ago

Well it's not one game, but 5. Good time to have at least one external.

TheBrit1681d ago

Is everyone new here today??? 65 gig is not a lot it is not one game it's all of the halo games with the multiplayer maps etc.

vega2751681d ago

I got a 4tb harddrive I got from amazon 2 weeks ago for 149$. Im getting another next month but im good with this install size

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LAWSON721681d ago

Glad I still have half my HDD space available. This game is available for pre download pretty early

ShowanW1681d ago

WOW 65GB!!!... My One is ready...

I'm definitely have to delete some games though so my One can breath.

Riderz13371681d ago

20 GB day one patch...Are they patching in the full game or something? The hell is up with that...

jackanderson19851681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

the patch is for the retail version i believe cuz the game takes up 45gb or whatever is the blu ray space so the 20gb patch is the online multiplayer part and they didn't want to cut down on content just to get it all on one disk

Kavorklestein1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

What? A patch? A Last Of Us avatar? My my! What A perfect stealth trolling opportunity! Too bad you are so obviously and obliviously trans-frickin'-parent...

20 gb patch is beans when you really consider all the content this collection has in it. I mean, really now...

People know what to expect with this game... you can't run a smear campaign against the God like legacy of console fps' with a wimpy whine about 20 Gigs of Master Chief Masterpiece data.. Try doing research next time... helps with foot in mouth syndrome. Better yet, keep your hate out of stuff you really don't care about in the first place...

Ben Dover1680d ago

So.. just because of his avatar he's not allowed to ask a rather obvious question? I mean 20GB is quite big for a patch. Instead you instantly attack him for no reason and from what I can tell.. you sound incredibly butthurt from the TLOU's insane succes. It's a really good game, even if you own an Xbox you're allowed to discuss and show your appreciation for it. Grow up!

Kavorklestein1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

No Ben, he is allowed to ask the question.. and yeah 20 gb is kinda large.. BUT here's the key to the whole mystery... he said "are they patching in the whole game..." who "patches in a whole game"?

First off, What does that even mean?
Who has EVER patched in a whole game?
SOUNDS like an implication that he thinks that 343 is releasing a half complete, mostly broken, awful piece of crap, and is being "shady" or dishonest.. a Sony fan's favorite card to play... MS is evil, remember?

Why would I be butt hurt about TLOU's success? I agree it is a good game.. I'm not mad about the game, and Im not bashing TLOU in any way, shape, or form...

And how is informing him that he's easily been spotted stealth trolling- Attacking him?

I mentioned his Avatar, because it is only PART of the first dead give away... the REST is done by reading tidbits of his comment history.

And I would never compare the paltry 10 or so million sales of TLOU to the Halo Series sales... if, like most people on this site seem to think- that Sales equals success.

Im not bashing TLOU mind you.. it is a more riveting and mature and bold game than Halo games are... but we're not gonna compare two different types of game and two very different settings for the Game's Universe/world to each other are we?

That's another staple of this site... that people "can't compare things" even somewhat similar games like Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2... it doesnt count if the comparisons somehow make Sony look bad, but if people are talking about how Infamous Second son is allowed to be sub-60fps because "It has soooo many graffix! It's open world!OMG! It haz so many particle effecks" "Suckerpunch is magicians!" But yet claim that Ubisoft is lying about what they can or can't do with the PS4 when the xbox one and ps4 are at a tie for resolution and framerate... nevermind that rez. And framerate are only PART of graphical fidelity, and do NOT define a game's visuals indefinitely. Hell, the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed Unity could have better textures than the Xb1 version! The PS4 version might have better sound quality or faster loading times, or better shadows or dynamic lighting or... WELL... ANYTHING! But no! The masses have spoken! Ubisoft sucks because Sony fans think they know EVERYTHING ONCE AGAIN!

But they then bash Forza Horizon 2 for not having better graphics than driveclub, even tho driveclub is by a Sony's fanboy definitions: Not a sim, therefore NOT hardcore, and is an arcade racer for bro gamers... and is "better" JUST because the graphics are prettier. See what I mean? Sony fans have an excuse for EVERYTHING, and when that doesn't work, then All they have to do is pretend they have a killer PC that is better than BOTH of the consoles.

A killer pc that they couldn't possibly have built because they don't even know how to build an argument.

I personally just wish people would all get along... but since I also can't possibly allow hypocritical, goal post shifting elitists to frolic without at least letting them know they can't fool EVERYONE.... you now see where my sarcastic tone and fervor comes from.

Riderz13371680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Holy shit you wrote an essay for something I was joking about.

Don't take video games so seriously buddy. No shit their not patching in the whole game it was sarcasm -.-

You talk about the Last of Us to Forza Horizon 2 to having a killer PC build?!? You are all over the place lol! Seriously calm down a bit! It's time to stop posting.