Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Vegito, Super Saiyan 4 Goku Confirmed

A new scan confirms the warriors playable.

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tayz3029d ago

I'm so excited for this!

DevilOgreFish3029d ago

the characters look great, there's just something though about the gameplay, the environments and the camera angles are a little bland too... wish someone would point this out for the beta.

FlameWater3029d ago

Wow charcters that were playable since I played Budokai 3
such wow sarcasm

Feralkitsune3029d ago

This game actually looks pretty badassed.

OmegaShen3029d ago

Looks, but doesn't play as good as it looks. Got to play the network test and the combat system is like battle of z but worst.

Mastadope423029d ago

Didn't the original Budokia 3 come out like 10 years ago? Also why are you disappointed/upset about these characters being playable?

Shouldn't you be happy that GT may be in this? Or are you one of those guys >.> (that hate GT).

FlameWater3029d ago

did I say I was disappointed/upset about these characters being playable?
Why would I be happy about somthing that should already be in the game?

InTheLab3029d ago

I imported GT as soon as Z ended here in the States and hated GT. There's a reason why Dragon Ball and DBZ lasted decades while GT lasted 3 seasons.

InTheLab3029d ago

Actually since Final Bout on the PS1 for Vegito. I have no idea why they continue to pump these games out. Been watching Dragonball Z since the early 90's and even picked up the imports of GT in the mid 90's and there's nothing left to get excited for other the the latest movie.

There's been a DB game every year so I'm not sure if why people still get hyped for these rehashes and cashins.

exnoob3028d ago

Then why are you here???? If you have no interest about the game, then why comment? People like YOU, are actually pathtic. Go comment on something that you actually find of interest!!!

Mastadope423029d ago

@FlameWater "did I say I was disappointed/upset about these characters being playable?"

No you did not, but "Wow charcters that were playable since I played Budokai 3
such wow sarcasm"
can be construed as such. Besides I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, but maybe you should have explained a little more so people don't think otherwise. After all we can't read your mind and I even took what you said for what it was at face value. Then you retorted explaining why you said this. Yes I agree these characters should be in all DB games, well atleast the GT characters because they have been skipped out so much on the 7th gen consoles. And it is true that quite alot of Manga purist hate GT so as you can see; that's where my comment came from. Sorry if you felt like it was an attack on your character.

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rmw2hot873029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

What about super Saiyan 4 Gogeta?

TXIDarkAvenger3029d ago

Might be the first DBZ game I pick up in a long time.

Gravity_DoGG3029d ago

I personally prefer the old dragonball games style. The PS2 ones. where you fight in 2d. I don't get this qt all sorry

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