PSN Team Looking Into Skill Based Matchmaking; Themes Surprise For 2.0 Launch

Scott McCarthy gave some additional information on what the PSN Team is working on, for 2.0 and beyond.

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ccgr1682d ago

Cool on matchmaking, can care less about themes

kaiserfranz1682d ago

Agreed sister. Substance over fluff any day!

bouzebbal1681d ago

theme surprise will have something to do with the surprise game they'll announce.

Mostafeto1682d ago

I would love to customize my PS4 with my own theme that would be EPIC ! Imagine a The Last Of Us Theme :O

ScottyHoss1682d ago

I miss my dynamic TLOU theme every time I switch from my PS3 (GTA V) to PS4 (any other game I'm currently playing) :/

PaleMoonDeath1682d ago

.. My theme will have big bewbs, Jessica Nigri yo.

ramiuk11682d ago

only theme i would want is either

god of war
last of us

even this folder thing is just the library folder that was always there,just now it can be sorted in order,but i bet they leave it all the way to the right lol

Gaming247allday1682d ago

Xbox LIVE already has skill based matchmaking though right? that Smart Match or whatever? i guess PSN still has some catching up to do lol

blackout1682d ago

How do you get DISAGREES for stating facts. I just remembered it's N4G where opinions mean much more than facts.

quenomamen1682d ago

How hard can it be to match the skill level of a thousands of 14 year olds yelling racial slurs ?

ainTgoTTime2bleed1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Talking about catching are the sales going for MS are the catching up Sony?..I think they're getting pretty close.../s

gangsta_red1682d ago

This is a fact, Xbox Live already has this.

But the disagrees are coming in because you are in a PS article and bringing up what the competition already has.

That is a big no, no here on N4G.

donthate1682d ago

Skill based matchmaking existed on the Xbox 360, but not at the same level as SmartMatch on Xbox One.

Surprised PS3 or even PS4 doesn't have skill based matchmaking at all.


on n4g, if the facts jive with their opinion, then it is accepted otherwise it is disagree even if it is a fact.

d0x3601682d ago

Its had skill based matchmaking since the launch of the 360. It uses things like skill and the types of people you are friends with to try to match you with people of not only similar skill but all people who like similar things.

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Callum_Alexander1682d ago

I'm really looking forward to the themes too!

Enate1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Every game has its own match making to begin with. Trying to make some universal system is pointless as there are games that have vastly different ways of ranking players. The developers have their own matchmaking system an overall one is just a waste of time. We need features that are not there not something that can be better done on a game by game basis.

Even looking at the blog you can see most actually want DLNA support. An the reputation system some claim they want is straight broken because people just avoid you anyway when they lose.

d0x3601682d ago

If it works like the system that launched with the 360 it will be based on genre. So you have a rank for shooters, racing etc and then it also pairs you based on skill in individual games after you have played them enough

donthate1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

That is not how it works. The Smart Match gives you more variables to determine, but the developer still has to complement it based on the games specifics.

What metrics used in a sports game is completely different from a shooter, but there are some commonalities like age, location, type of games played, microphone user, language, more competitive/casual and so on.

There is also API to offload this, because the search can be rather large with so many users. This can be done while you are offline to speed things up!

Prevents tying up processing power when you need it like when you are launching a game with disastrous result (read BF4 and DriveClub).


If I loose, but I like their play style I will try to friend them instead.

Unfortunately, this is something extremely hard to market or talk about, but the benefits are humongous. It makes the community that much better when you are paired with people you like gaming with.

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kaiserfranz1682d ago

If they added some form of skill based matchmaking I would be extremely happy, I miss it from Live.

Mostafeto1682d ago

Yeah that would make games much more interesting and challenging as sometimes in Fifa or other games I am thrown in a game with a person who has a team with 78 rating and mine is 85 rated so this deature should be added.

jocomat91682d ago

how do you actually know if it works?

LogicStomper1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

You know it works when you very rarely run into a team of 5-star generals on Halo, and every time you do, you get your behind whooped 10-fold.

Septic1682d ago


Hold on a minute. Doesn't PSN have anything like TrueSkill on Xbox Live?? I thought it already did?

Alexious1682d ago

I've never heard of anything like that on PSN, and the answer pretty much gives it away - it doesn't because each game has its own matchmaking and each developer uses its own method.

nX1682d ago

I never noticed anyone asking about it, either... I don't think Sony can do much here, it's on the developers to optimize the matchmaking.

1682d ago
d0x3601682d ago

If it works like the system that launched with the 360 it will be based on genre. So you have a rank for shooters, racing etc and then it also pairs you based on skill in individual games after you have played them enough

Volkama1682d ago

I liked the old Xbox matchmaking system that had Ranked matches utilising the tool, and unranked matches for just having a blast against randoms.

Sometimes you need to be able to play against randoms to find out how good or bad you are, because in a perfect matchmaking system you will always be "about average" because the system is designed to pit you against people as good as you are.

Alexious1682d ago

The old Xbox matchmaking system was simply great. I loved playing Top Spin competitively.

1682d ago
ramiuk11682d ago

no matchmaking, its actually left to how the devs want to matchmake rather than how MS forces them to use there system(although i hear it works well)

d0x3601682d ago

That's not what Microsoft does...not at all. Developers have the final say in how it works but the very fact that xbl has superior match making and has for years should tell you something.

If it works like the system that launched with the 360 it will be based on genre. So you have a rank for shooters, racing etc and then it also pairs you based on skill in individual games after you have played them enough. Developers can also tweak it or add modes where you are matched against anyone regardless of skill. For example halo rumble pit uses true skill buy halo ranked rumble pit does not.

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Insomnia_841682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Looks like Masamune is coming full with surprises!

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