Hatred dev talks about bringing its controversial shooter to PS4 and Xbox One

Controversial new shooter featuring mass murder of civilians could make it to consoles, confirms indie studio.

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FasterThanFTL1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

GOTY 2015, screw Uncharted 4, The Witcher 3, Batman: Arkham Knight, Mass Effect 4 etc. Hatred is going to rule them all.

zeal0us1676d ago

You forgot the /s or j/k

This game will probably get a AO rating or catch bad press.

Yi-Long1676d ago

The game doesn't look all that interesting to me, gameplay-wise, and main character also doesn't appeal to me...

... but just like with movies, books, tv-shows, and other form of artistic expression, it's good that there's a wide variety of genres, stories, subjects, etc etc...

... which means that even if a game looks to score mostly because of 'shock-value' and media-attention and all that, it's still important that the industry is mature enough to allow for that.

Spenok1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Their reasoning behind why they are making this game is so convoluted and misguided it's ridiculous. These guys need mental help.

badz1491676d ago

I think they should just keep this on pc

TomShoe1676d ago

People are kicking up a fit over this game, yet going on a rampage in GTA is A-OK? It's gonna get an AO if only because of the bad press.

Don't like it, don't buy it.

MuhammadJA1676d ago

I may not agree with the devs' point of view, but I REALLY hate it when people are told what and what not to develop.

Devs should have total freedom in the gaming industry, and if someone is offended by a certain game, tough luck then. Get lost and buy something else.

nX1676d ago

He didn't forgot the sarcasm tag, I'm almost sure that this troll can identify with the main character. His comments paint a very sad picture.

Bimkoblerutso1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


Motivation and context is a very large portion of our moral compass. GTA has never been a game centered around killing innocent people. It has always only ever been a byproduct of the open design...well, for the most part, anyway.

I think I'm with most other gamers on this one, though. I have nothing against the game getting released, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I have absolutely no interest in playing it, nor do I have any respect for the artistic merits of these kinds of shock tactics.

DevilOgreFish1676d ago

zeal0us -

"This game will probably get a AO rating or catch bad press."

well it's definitely going to attract the press like flies on hot crap, if this gets a port. it's too graphic for even politicians to ignore if they get involved, and that's when it all hits the fan.

sucks, graphics look pretty good, i like the black and white style of it. not so much the story.

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ArchangelMike1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I doubt this will get green lit by either Sony or Microsoft. They are not that desperate for games on their platforms, and they don't court this kind of media controversy.

Yi-Long1676d ago

TBH though, they should. Or else it would be the same as stores banning horror-movies or slasher-movies like SAW, or bookstores banning books which content they don't agree with, etc etc.

We don't want censorship. We want good games, and we want to judge for ourselves if a game is interesting and good enough to warrant a purchase.

Personally, this game doesn't look very interesting to me. However, there are also many movies which personally I wouldn't be interested in, because of it's overly violent content and shock-value tactics.

However, I believe that just because -I- might find it sick and disturbing and not enjoyable, that doesn't mean it should be 'banned' completely. Absolutely not. I strong disagree with censorship and such.

Antifan1676d ago

There are very few games that can put me on edge. Dead Space, resident evil, silent hills etc never disturbed me at all, because it wasn't realistic. But this game, Hatred, has disturbed me beyond any other game, and this is only a trailer.
I'm 100% sure I will buy it because of its disturbing atmosphere alone. I really don't care if the developers are neo-nazis or antihumanist, whatever. The game looks like a rush, and I love rushes.

ardivt1676d ago

this is why we can't have nice things

Opticstrike1676d ago

OMG.. they made a game that only focusing on Man slaughter.. and the first thing you think about is: This is goty? Oh man... you got no class at all

Crysie1675d ago

How can you even compare those games with this? Seems like you play this game form above?

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Septic1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

If this does get released, I expect this to have a strong cult following. The release on consoles will only serve to exacerbate any media frenzy against it, which it will inevitably attract.

Also, there is some concerning stuff about the dev behind this game, his association with far-right neo-nazi groups etc.

I think this game is unnecessary and takes violence too far by virtue of its premise.

Dlacy13g1676d ago

Very much agree. Sometimes in life you just need to take a step back and say no. I wont keep anyone from making "their" game but in the same breath I don't have to support it either just because it's made.

ArchangelMike1676d ago

Yeah, the more I hear about the developer, the more the game sounds like neo-nazi racist propaganda. Gamers need to be discerning enough not to accept every bit of tripe that masquerades as a game.

Heck the Al-Qaeda/ISIS games at least have more 'story' and 'context' behind them. If we are able to recognise and reject those as unacceptable extremist propaganda, then we should equally reject 'Hatred' as such.

mhunterjr1676d ago

I think it would get exposure from media outlets, but I don't think it would sell well... it doesn't look fun.

Violence porn does have a 'cult following' generally, but the economics associated with releasing a console game wouldn't make for a good business case here.

Not to mention the esrb would probably rate it Adult Only, which is a console game death sentence.

aerisbueller1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Do you have any sources for that neo-nazi thing? My initial googling finds articles mentioning them as neo-nazis, but other articles saying it like it 'seems' like it's a game made by neo-nazis. Do we know if they really are?

The game itself actually looked kinda fun for a minute, but the authenticity of the sounds of people screaming for their lives, and the animation and art for the closeup headshots seems like it'd make it uncomfortable for me personally to play.

I don't think the game shouldn't be allowed to be made, and I don't think video games cause violence directly, but there are people out there that are already crazy, and just need a little bit of inspiration to go out and do something monstrous. Clearly this could inspire someone already close to the edge, and I think it's a bit irresponsible to celebrate violent hatred because 'durrhurr, we wanted to do something different', and reprehensible to do it for the more probable reason of 'durrhurr, we want attention/money'.

Dark_Overlord1676d ago

Nope, they're not Neo Nazis, these idiots got it wrong and everyone ran with it

Look at the paltry apology at the bottom of the page they offer :/

Qrphe1676d ago

There is no evidence that points to this, just bandwagoners promoting because they heard someone somewhere mention it.

jambola1672d ago

Almost took your comment seriously until the "durrhurr" part.

mt1675d ago

if it was a movie no one will say anything and it will just get R-rated. why do we have double standard ?

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johny51676d ago

Again, where were these people when Postal 3 came out? Not much controversy on it's release!

mhunterjr1676d ago

Postal was very cartoony, this is comparatively far darker, as the developer clearly aimed for 'disturbingly realistic imagery' above all else.

It's like comparing watching a war movie, to watching actual war footage.

OculusRift1676d ago

So, I take it, you were too young for Postal 1(back when those graphics were thought to be good) and you've probably only played the newer one.

morganfell1676d ago

Wow. More art style critics that use such judgements to decide moral allowances. Ridiculous.

Highlife1676d ago

Wow more people hiding behind "art style" as an excuse for pure garbage. I'm for free speech but I also can use my freedom of speech to say this game is pure crap. They can make what ever they want but be prepared for others to speak their mind and who are you to say they are wrong.

mhunterjr1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


You would be wrong in your assumption. Very wrong.

Even when postal graphics were thought to be "good", it still couldn't be taken for anything other than cartoon violence.

There is are huge thematic, tonal, and symbolic differences between Hatred and Postal. Perhaps it's YOU who isn't mature enough to see that...

In what way am I judging the 'art style' or morality? His comment was about a relative lack of controversy when comparing this game to Postal. Apparently, society is a little less sensitive to cartoon violence than they are realistic depictions of torture, mutilation, and murder... And even less tolerant of providing consumers with a means to carry out such realistic acts virtually. It's an observation, not a judgement.

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King_of_Nothing1676d ago

Seems like the game was made controversial just for controversy's sake. No thanks.

PowerNerd1011676d ago

Meh, they won't be getting my money. One for angry teenage boys no doubt.