Forza Horizon 2 Bonus Board Collections

Chris from SuperCheats takes on Forza Horizon 2 and compiles a list of Bonus Board collections. The article contains detailed text descriptions of where to find them plus maps and videos.

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n4rc1553d ago

Got em all.. Wasn't too bad

Most should pop up just playing online roadtrips but the maps help pick up a couple in obscure places

urwifeminder1553d ago

Will do all the other things when I finish the game , had an audio issue with one car and the game froze on me once because I was driving like the speed of light lol. Just hit 150 got gold band enjoying it.

n4rc1553d ago

Im up around 140 myself.. Been taking a gaming break this week lol

Found all roads and boards etc.. Now I'm running through championships and about 20/30 on the bucketlist