Borderlands : The pre-sequel | XTGN review

The Borderlands franchise is one of Jack Bradley's favourites. The original was a brilliant game concept offering a wide open map with interesting characters, quirky NPC’s and enemies, weird boss battles and amusing antagonists. The sequel only added to this, creating one of the finest First Person Shooter and RPG of all time. Both games had a healthy amount of DLC, most of which added something new. As both a critic and a fan of the franchise Jack is here to tell you: this is not the sequel you are looking for.

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Thousandsunny1514d ago

I'd be interest to play this and see how it differs from the last game, which I stopped playing about halfway through because I got bored

SolidGear31514d ago

So did I. But I loved the first.

TotallyNotJack1513d ago

Hi Thousandsunny,

Like I said in my review, the game is the same as the second one, with the exception of the story, setting and gravity. If you didn't enjoy the second one, don't buy this.