N4G Radio 06/23/2008

This week the boys discuss the future of Tecmo, more MGS 4 including the PSN database and of course the latest games including The Bourne Conspiracy, GRID and Guitar Hero On Tour.

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paul_war4392d ago

Download the podcast, Now!

TwissT4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Downloading now also. I hope Professor Chaos is in it.

Edit: I just saw the hosts in the forums and no Professor Chaos lol. Too bad.

SilPho4391d ago

Hey, looks like I'm not the first to comment here this week, podcast awareness is increasing!

Hooray for my Tuesday Podcast fix.

The Wombat4391d ago

Podcast awareness IS increasing....we may have to update our listener count from 5 to 7!!!

Calluk4391d ago

Yeh kl cant wait, downloading it too, they havent menthioned two worlds for along time