Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4 Gets a New Trailer

Popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will be getting brand new content with patch 2.4 soon. In the mean time, a brand new trailer has been revealed showcasing what’s in store for players when patch 2.4 hits the live servers. The patch is entitled ‘Dreams of Ice’ and will be adding a bunch of new content, including the brand new Rogue class and the Ninja job. You can check below for the trailer and full details of the patch.

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guitarded771464d ago

I need to get back to playing this game. Really addictive, but I got distracted with some other games.

vishmarx1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

as if dps queue's werent bad enough 90% of the population will now be rogues. and quarn looks like a real pain lol

guitarded771464d ago

Fair enough. I rather enjoyed it, so i will. My time is more limited right now as opposed to when it came out, but I'll find time. I find time for everything else.

g4n1464d ago

When's the release date?!

LightSamus1464d ago

GOTY Edition that includes 2.4 comes out on November 14th. So either on that day or before then some time. Less than a month either way.

Clown_Syndr0me1464d ago

Awesome! I start a new full time job in a week though, gonna have to cut down my gaming time significantly! Its already hard enough to get FF time with all the other games I have right now!

Griever1464d ago

The game looks awesome but the subscription fee is very discouraging. $15 per month or $180 a year is just too much to spend on a single game. Furthermore, as soon as you stop paying the subscription that $40 FF14 disc becomes useless. I wish it was full priced disc but subscription free like Destiny.

SirBradders1464d ago

But you'll paying for an ever evolving game it's not like a £40 game then £40 for a few DLC maps.
Every 2.2 2.3 and 2.4 updates bring alot of new content and small patches in between add little bits and bobs.

To me this is the first ever sub game I've paid for and I completely justify the sub.

Griever1464d ago

I agree with you; I do not dispute that fact. The problem is that not many have that much spare money to spend on just a game including me. Believe me I want to play this game and I find it very enticing but I just do not have spare money to afford it and there are probably many others like me. Buying three full retail games and being able to play them for as long as I want is much more affordable.

SMcNu7151464d ago

Final fantasy XIV sub means a greater wealth of content with HUGE expansions.

Destiny "free" MMO model means smaller paid expansions with a much smaller amount of content.

FFXIV's subscription model is highly justified.

shammgod1464d ago

You should try jumping in every 6-8 months. That is what i plan to do. They add content pretty much every 3 months. I stopped around january and this game has changed so much.

Jumping in for 3 months and then sitting out for 8 is sweet and worth the 3 month sub.

Griever1464d ago

Hmmm. That seems better and more affordable than subscribing for the whole year.

Lou Ferrigno1464d ago

it says "available now" at the end of the video... that true?.. can't freaking wait either way,so pumped for this.

Prepare for a bazillion rogue and ninjas lol..

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1464d ago

FF14 is yeah. The patch will probably be out in 2-3 weeks.

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