Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope Of Bringing Super Smash Bros. To The PS Vita

"A Sony PlayStation fan by the name of David Smith, who resides in Florida City, has created a petition on demanding Nintendo port Super Smash Bros. for 3DS to the PS Vita.

His reasoning — Sony fans do not want to buy an ‘underpowered console’ but would gladly buy a quality title like Smash Bros; according to his very own research, it is ‘probably’ required by US antitrust law as Nintendo apparently has a monopoly on the brawler genre."

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PraxxtorCruel1464d ago

Like I always say. Only Sony fans are the ones out there creating petitions demanding exclusives to pass onto the PS platforms and flooding twitter/facebook. What a loud bunch.

vivid831464d ago

one guy becomes sony fans lol

Blackleg-sanji1464d ago

Yea because no other fans ever petition for games right -_- werent xbox fanboys (fanboys not fans) petitioning bungie at one point and weren't going to buy destiny yet it sold more alone on X1?? So plz all fanboys are stupid

Eonjay1464d ago


Its also a troll petition... obvious troll petition is obvious.

nX1464d ago

Like I always say, only Xbox fans are making stupid generalizations. No wonder Xbox is strongest in the USA, weren't Americans the ones who can't distinguish Chinese, Japanese and Korean people?

See what I did there? That's exactly how stupid your comment was, you should keep the fangirl within you in check.

GameDev11464d ago

lol, you have taken trolling to a whole new level

bouzebbal1464d ago

what's wrong in being this or this brand fan?
the guy wants SSB on his console alright let's wish him good luck. petition aren't a bad thing, but they can be hilarious when they don't make sense :D
At least some people are doing so they can be heard.

WishMeWell2591464d ago


Are you kidding me?

Xbox does that all the time. Even back in the PS2,Xbox era.
Final Fantasy
One company, not fans, a company said they wanted Little Big Planet, but I believe it was Nintendo.

I havent seen one for Halo...EVER, I did see one for Gears of War but that was when it was first released. No one cared for the sequels outside of xbox enough to do one.

Honestly tho, Nintendo is on the ropes about releasing their characters to other platforms. One day you will see Mario on a Playstation. But Super Smash Bros, Nintendos biggest game they have? Will see that if Sony and Mircosoft signs their PS and Xbox rights to Nintendo. AKA will never happen. Or Nintendo finally goes under and sells the rights which I cant see Nintendo selling it to Mircosoft, as Playsation and Nintendo are bigger Rivals but Nintendo will never sell their company overseas to America.

Every system has their crazy fanboys, but Its people like you that states no facts but throws that comment out there that just makes you want a day of fame so people talk to you so you feel like you have friends. Soooo, you got me talking to you congrats, please dont send me a friend invite on facebook or twitter.

I would show facts that XBox fanboys are just as worse if not more, but it looks like someone has already done so.

UnwanteDreamz1464d ago

Destiny didn't sell better on XO. Look it up man geez

Passenger1464d ago

Dark Souls 1 petition for PC..?

wonderfulmonkeyman1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

"Someday you'll see Mario on a Sony platform"
Pfft. Yeah, right. Only if we'll get to see Uncharted on a Nintendo platform at the same time.
But since that's never gonna happen, either, you may as well keep on dreaming.
Nintendo has already stated in the past that they will never go third party.
Give it up, bro. Support the games where they are born.

Mr Pumblechook1464d ago

Good luck with the petition but Nintendo are not really going to do this are they?

As a longterm gamer you soon realise that if you want the option to play every game then you have to buy all the consoles. Obviously money is a factor but I suggest to the guy who started this one to save up to get a 3DS.

starchild1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

My view is, there isn't anything wrong with petitioning for games on your preferred platform. If there is a particular game that could realistically come to your preferred platform that really appeals to you there is no shame in trying to encourage that to happen.

But it should be something realistic. Trying to get a Nintendo exclusive to come to anything but a Nintendo platform is an exercise in futility.

The only other thing I dislike is when a certain fanboy group will bash other groups for "begging for games" when they are as guilty of it as anyone.

There is nothing wrong with petitioning in and of itself. Just be consistent about your views towards it. Don't apply different standards to different groups.

mkis0071464d ago

Kingdom hearts 1.5 petition exists as well dude. You are just plain wrong.

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3-4-51464d ago

Yea Sony needs to make their own game and not use the B team this time.

TheCagyDies1464d ago

If you want a brawler and don't want to get a Nintendo system, go play Playstation Allstars.

TheCagyDies1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

There are way more important petitions to get Nintendo to do something. Most importantly Fatal Frame localization. Let's not abuse petitions for silly requests.

princejb1341464d ago

In my opinion ps all stars isn't as fun as smash bros
I Already put over 100 hours on smash 3ds

SaffronCurse1464d ago

I find all stars really fun, especially on Vita.

Hereiamhereibe21464d ago

I have to disagree all stars on vita is terrible compared to ps3, the camera has no extra function for the tiny screen the vita has nearly impossible to see my little speck of a character, 1v1 isnt bad though.

Rockets121464d ago

It's been out for 14 days. That means you have played 7+ hours a day. (Unless you have the japanese version). Yup, smash bros is addicting so this sounds about right lol.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1464d ago

This gots to be satire lol. Sorry david but super smash bros is one of nintendos heavy hitters they need exclusives like that to get people to buy their console just like sony and microsoft does for there console. maybe catch a nice sale on black friday or christmas for a wiiu.

TheGrimReaper00111464d ago

This would be really cool. I personally like the feel of the Vita more than the 3DS and the better and bigger screen would make it easier to fight on ....


This is so far fatched. Anyone with half a braincell can come to the conclusion that this will not happen, not in a million years.

Despite the 3DS already selling like hotcakes, Smash Bros 3DS is now the system seller for it. Do you honestly think that

1. Nintendo would allow it to be sold for the vita and lose sales on it's own handheld?

2. Sony has enough money to purchase the license to get it on vita?

3. Sony still supports the vita, eventhough they openly admitted that they wont make any more first party games on it?

I'm not bashing on the Vita (in fact, I really enjoy my Vita) but let's be honest here. Microsoft is now more supportive of the Vita than Sony is! They at least let Minecraft be on Vita (in fact, they gave it to us EU people for free XD)

xX1NORM1Xx1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Technically Sony gave it to u for free cause they have to pay for copies of games that go free by accident as its their system. That aside it's a real shame that the vita doesn't get much support cause it is a fantastic hand held at least it's my first choice for a hand held not that I have anything against the 3ds but I just don't like the games out on it (personal opinion not saying they are of a lesser quality) where as on ps vita there are a lot of console games like borderlands and games where if I go on holiday and I was playing on my ps4 I could save then transfer that to vita and keep going there

xX1NORM1Xx1464d ago

Updated cause my phone changed Sony to don't for some reason cause Apple do great spell check that works 100% of the time /s

xX1NORM1Xx1464d ago

I think we have found one of the stupidest fanboys ever right here not only does he ask for a Nintendo exclusive but he insult nintendos handheld XD fan boys are all stupid but this guy is just pushing the envelope