Is A Gears Of War Collection Coming To Xbox One?

Could a Gears Of War HD Collection be coming to Xbox One? NowGamer thinks it's on the cards.

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Gazondaily2174d ago

Would be a good collection I guess, minus Judgement. I don't think I would get it though.

bouzebbal2174d ago

indeed! good collection.
PS4 will apparently get its Uncharted and X1 its GeoW.
I might get it if it comes out........................... .........................on PC

Gazondaily2174d ago

Doubt it will come out on PC but actually, that's a good idea because only the first game came out on PC and this would ensure a few sales. I don't think the Xbox One exclusivity would matter as much as it wouldn't devalue the console as much as say, TMCC appearing on PC.

Double Toasted2174d ago

I'm predicting a remaster for 2016 that Black Tusk makes to get them up to speed with Gears, UE4 & XB1--all for the 10 year anniversary. A beta for the new Gears bundled in that will launch in 2017.

guitarded772174d ago

Yeah, I doubt the PC thing would happen, but it's possible since porting should be a relatively simple process. Either way, this along with a new Gears would get me to buy an XBOX One.

VealParmHero2173d ago

Please God let this collection come. I no longer have a 360. Miss these games. They need to include the extra chapter from the pc version of the first one.

Also, if they come our with a n uncharted collection, I'd gladly buy those games again

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Volkama2174d ago

Off-topic, PM me your email address please mate. You're still blocking me apparently :)

donthate2173d ago

I think somebody blocking you means they do not want contact with you, which suggests they likely don't want to give you their email?


Volkama2173d ago

So... I should ask where he lives?

donthate2173d ago

I think that is a great idea!

Then park your car outside his place, and watch him, record him and so on.

I'm gonna go play some games while you do that! :D

on_line_forever2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

we want this collection on PC with good optimize



badz1492174d ago

1080p? on pc? what? 4k or GTFO!

Automatic792173d ago

A well done collection will always be welcomed. I love gears of War.

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Sneakybudda2174d ago

Yes please! i love this game. i cant wait to run along walls and get head shots and chainsaw every mother f***er who comes near me.

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pompombrum2174d ago

Being honest, I'd get it solely for the chance to play the original's mp on dedicated servers.

esemce2174d ago

Yeah, the Gears trilogy with all the DLC, dedicated servers and a solid 1080/60 would actually get me to buy the Xbone.

lelo2play2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

For me personally, don't care for all the remakes being launched nowadays from games I already played last gen... but from a business stand point, all 3 (or 4) GOW games in 1 pack would be a smart move. A lot of people would be interested in that pack.

xX1NORM1Xx2174d ago

Completely agree I'd much prefer new games instead of higher resolution/frame rate versions of games that came out like a year and a half ago but that seems to be a quick way to make money really old games being remade is a another story but sleeping dogs/tomb raider/last of us/the walking dead do not appeal to me at all GTA isn't my thing but at least that makes sense given that they said GTA online has a 10 year plan

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donthate2173d ago

The main thing for me would be real dedicated servers on every game and at a buttery smooth 60fps.

I would love a Mass Effect and Gears of War collection remaster!

CaptainPunch2174d ago

I would love to see a Gears of War remastered collection on the Xbox One, love the series.

origamikid2174d ago

I just really hope Marcus Fenix returns for the Xbox One sequel!

GarrusVakarian2174d ago

Same here. Would be a day-one buy from me. I'd LOVE to play Gears 3 MP and Horde Mode in 60fps.

SINISTERGENESIS2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Agreed but IMO I would buy an X1 even if they didn't bump the resolution or frame rate as Gears is my favorite MS exclusive... But let's not bring up Gears Judgment as that was a disastrous flop... I still have nightmares because that game was such a step backwards...

DeathOfTheFanBoy2174d ago

Even if they released horde as a stand alone marketplace type game I'd pre order the sh*t out of it, seriously can't wait for gears on my xb1

Wikkid6662174d ago

the MP was always great... but it would be even better with it being server based!

iistuii2174d ago

I so miss Horde mode from Gears 3. If it came to Xbox One I'd buy I like a shot..

gamer92173d ago

I miss Gears 2 Horde’s solid progression from waves 1-50. Building up defenses in Gears 3 was awesome but I didn’t like when you lose a wave everything is torn down and you have to go back multiple waves to build it all up again. You only got 1 shot at a hard wave with your best stuff. Any thoughts/solutions to this? Sorry for the slightly off topic =)

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OVOrizzy2174d ago

It would be great for the Xbox gamers, but watch Sony counter it with the uncharted collection. Not to mention Beyond: Two Souls coming also.

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shinrock2174d ago

Why is ps4 even being mentioned?

mad at me2174d ago

because its good news that threatens the ps4

esemce2174d ago

Bring it on I would love a gears and Uncharted remastered trilogy, I would buy both day one no doubt.

spicelicka2174d ago

How is that a counter lol, both remasters benefit their respective systems.

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