GamesAsylum - Project Spark - Review

GamesAsylum: "We’re unsure whether Microsoft releasing Project Spark during gaming’s silly season is a sensible idea or not. With so many big name releases out will many gamers have both the time and patience to sit down and experiment with a game creation tool? On the flipside, the evenings are quickly drawing in – winter is the perfect time of year to get cosy and spend hours sat on the sofa with a joypad in hand. While making our first game in Project Spark – the aptly named Super Goblin Bash – we were left captivated in a manner that only the deepest of RPGs can match"

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Foehammer1680d ago

Solid score

Good to see

It will be interesting to see where those who excel in creativity, will take this game.

KrisButtar1679d ago

Not my kind of game but it looks pretty solid.