Alien Isolation - Review [GamingLives]

GamingLives takes a look at Alien Isolation:

"You see, this game, unlike all the others, isn’t inspired by Aliens. This one is pure Alien. That means you won’t be in room with strobing emergency lights, firing off pulse rifles to the sound of baby elephants being butchered. Instead, this is all future-70s tech, beige padding, claustrophobic air vents and synthetics that are still a little bit twitchy. You won’t be in the middle of the room spraying bullets like Hudson during his last stand. Nope, you’ll be crouching in the shadows armed with nothing more effective than a flask full of gummy bears as an alien stalks you. But that won’t be right away. Alien Isolation‘s pacing is a little bit like the movie that inspired it. For the first hour not much happens. You’ll wake up out of hypersleep as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the more famous Ellen, in Torrens – a ship not dissimilar to the Nostromo. Before long, a party of three, including Amanda, attempt to get onto the Sevastopol space station which is floating in space, damaged and ominously quiet."

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