Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location And Items Revealed, Week 6 (Oct 17)

GP: "Xur The Agent of Nine has arrived in for the Sixth week in Destiny to sell exotic items and powers. He appears only on weekends at the Tower hub at 9:00 am every Friday and leaves at 9:00 am every Sunday. Xur has a very valuable collection of one-time exotics, items which increase the weapon progression speed for around half an hour for one strange coin or sparrow upgrades for thirteen strange coins and much more."

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bunt-custardly1554d ago

Those cold eyes, beckoning tentacle face and charming grunts. Xur Agent of the Nine pleases some, not all. That's his gig. Until next time my friend.

Christopher1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Another hunter helmet? Are there no exotic leg pieces for hunters? Only one exotic chest piece (a crappy one at that) and 5 exotic helms...

Lawboy21553d ago

there are 3 hunter helmets, a hunter arm piece and hunter chest piece...which is more than enough given the fact that only one piece can be worn at one time...the legendary's are where its at if you are looking for variety...the only other class that may have more exotic pieces are warlocks

ITPython1554d ago

Last week was pretty awesome, the Ice Breaker has been working out exceptionally well for me. Infinite ammo, crazy good range and is quite powerful = pure win. That thing has gotten me through stuff that I would never have considered before (such as beating the Nightfall strike solo, which I did last week thanks to the IB).

This week is Ok, I picked up the rocket launcher but now I am regretting it a bit. I already had a pretty awesome RL, The Unfriendly Giant, that has some awesome random drop stats/upgrades. But overall the stats of the Truth beat it out and the upgrades are certainly interesting (rockets that are homing, proximity detonation etc), so I figured why not. Maybe will work out better for PvP, can't wait to snipe somebody with a rocket that aggressively follows them, lol.

As for the Warlock armor, again the piece is clearly geared towards PvP and working in fireteams. The upgrades are pretty useless for solo play since a few of the upgrades get their use from dropped orbs, or dropping more orbs. And it only has strength and intellect with another upgrade that gives more melee energy. For a warlock strength is almost useless, discipline/intellect is where it's at. I have my strength currently sitting at 0 and it's always charged whenever I want to use it (except for in PvP, which is what this gear seems to be centered around).

Oh well, guess I'll wait till next week for some decent exotic armor. Hopefully he will have some leg armor with decent upgrades, as my leg armor is the only piece of armor I haven't used ascendant shards for yet. So getting an exotic in that slot would work out amazingly well. And I really hope he has some kind of hand cannon next week... maybe one that regenerates ammo with a 12+ capacity.

OVOrizzy1554d ago

Yay! Santa has come again, lol

kneon1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Santa needs a better selection of items. I think this is the 3rd or 4th week in a row that the hunter armor is a helmet.

LAWSON721554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Yeah I still have not seen the badass chest or shoulder for the Hunter on any guardian. Everybody is just running around in the same helmets.

cell9891554d ago

Good for us players that didn't buy it first day you selfish person.I'll be getting my chest piece this weekend, thank you

Lawboy21553d ago

@ Lawson

I have the hunter chest piece and two of the hunter only missing the third eye...but ive seen one player with the gauntlets and its amazing...also you should note that all these ppl running around with the same helmet didn't get them from playing in like a nightfall or random drop they bought it from xur....

GiggMan1553d ago

@Lawson I have the gauntlets Young Ahumkara(spelling) spine I got from a random drop.

They are definitely rare and people love them. I also have the raspberry what ever armor for hunters in my vault. Sucks I can't wear but one at a time.

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Gamer19821554d ago

helmet for hunters again thats only 1 week hes NOT at helmets.. Helemts are probably the worst item as the abilitys aren't the best for exotics.

Lawboy21553d ago

what I have the two helmets he sold and there amazing...

one allows you 4 shots with the golden gun which comes in handy in pve and pvp

the other one he gave allows you to keep your radar when aiming down the sights which definitely comes in handy when you do things like solo the nightfall

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jollygoodchap81554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Nice launcher :)

Well time for the old "wah! everyone is gonna be running around with these items!!!"

ShowGun9011554d ago

I know! no matter what, the only constant is that people here will always cry! RNG? cry! Exotic item Store? cry! raid gear too hard to get? cry! crucible rewards too easy to get? cry!

its really starting to make our "community" seem pathetic...

Tex1171554d ago

Hehe, no joke!

Overall, Bungie is doing a pretty good job. Though, there does need more content and more rewards for doing something at a harder difficulty.

cell9891554d ago

As long as I get mine,I do not mind at all lol

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