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"The Evil Within opens with the psychologically wrecked detective Sebastian Castellanos arriving at a mental hospital surrounded by the flash and wail of police cars and ambulances. The few seconds it takes for the building's double doors to creak open are all the time that the game bothers to spend on creating an initial sense of tension and dread. Inside the entrance, Castellanos finds a multitude of bloodied, slumped corpses. It's been nine years since Shinji Mikami directed a horror game with Resident Evil 4; none of that game's rhythm and pace has been lost in the intermission."

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Hysteria941461d ago

Yeah its at least an 8 to me . So far I'm loving it but I'm finding it a bit difficult at times but yeah my only problem with it is that it isn't that scary so far.

Agent20091461d ago

The Evil Within brings little to none freshness to the table. It might hold a promise in the atmospheric level design, but it's actually not that convincing in that matter - it's not scary, nor suspensful. Story-wise, it tries but fails at being interesting, and gameplay-wise - a cliche combination of poor stealth mechanics, already cliche shooting mechanics, and that's all.

Resident Evil fans may love it, otherwise I'd suggest you should pick up Alien: Isolation instead.

iistuii1461d ago

My opinion...This game isn't next gen. The Alaising is terrible, the lack of textures & overall graphics seem last gen. The lighting is prertty good & the framerate is a little off. It's not for me I guess, I did a couple of chapters & hated it. Each to their own..

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1461d ago

Great game. Definitely worth a play through on each difficulty level.

FireProChamp1461d ago

I like The Evil Within so far, but I wish they delayed it just a bit longer for more polish. I'm on Chapter 8 right now. I am really thrown off by the wonky controls of this game. The main character takes up too much of the screen and I feel like I'm fighting the camera more than enemies. Also, anyone else find the main character's running animation to to hilarious?