Editorial: The Truth About GamerGate and GameJournoPros

James Fudge writes "My name is James Fudge and I was a member of the now defunct GameJournoPros, an email list for professional writers and wonderful human beings covering the video game industry and culture. I do not regret being on that list and I make no apologies for anything I have said in my private conversations to my peers that were made public by former members that lack integrity, decency, loyalty, or honor (they know who they are)."

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NewMonday1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

good job beginning with a lie, #gamergate hashtag was started by Adam Baldwin after the torrent of articles launched in the same day attacking all gamers discriminately, and this was after the Zoe affair.

also a fact you guys at GameJournoPros regularly break NDAs to decide narratives for game coverage. the chat exchanges are recorded on the internet and will never disappear.

here is a list of these corrupt journalists:

more info: