New PS4 Firmware 2.0 Screenshots Shows Share Play, Invite Play, YouTube, USB Media Player & More

Take a look at some brand new screenshots of PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 released by Sony Japan showcasing working of almost all new features: Share Play, Invite Play, YouTube, USB Media Player and lot more.

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PS4isKing_821677d ago

Such a wonderful and much needed update. Can't wait to download and install it.

Bennibop1677d ago

Have to agree it does look good, lots of requested features and it seem from the US PS blog that DNLA is not far behind. I look forward using shareplay to get an idea about certain games/ help mates out, do believe it could be a killer function for PS4 if it works well.

bouzebbal1676d ago

finally YouTube upload will be done like magic.
make some trophy guides in no time!

Septic1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Shareplay is the big one. I hope the networks can hack it (unless its p2p?)

Diret upload to Youtube will be great. I really hope they update ShareFactory with Sony Vegas style updates. Sony could knock it out of the park if they do that.

Ballsack1676d ago

Cant understand ps4 owners praising sony for this

Its been a year!!!

We should have had all this ages ago,and should be looking forward to suspend/resume and dlna right now.

akurtz1676d ago

Ages ago? Says who?
Be glad that were getting it.

XtraTrstrL1676d ago

What's with all this be glad crap? Like we're Oliver Twist begging for some more porridge or something. We should have had most of this already, he's right. I'm happy it's here, and SharePlay is really cool and the only one that is acceptable to be getting here when it is, but everything else should have been here and in better form. We still don't have folders even.

Mister_G1676d ago

At least we had controller battery status/alerts from day 1, certain other machines have only just got that feature, lol :)

medman1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Or the option to see how much space your games and apps were using on your hard drive. Seems pretty basic. Not to mention shareplay kills every other update out there...there really is nothing to compare it to.

Why o why1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

You make a fair point bsack.... some of these features should of been implemented already. It seems both platforms have released without key features, even some available on their previous consoles. I've been waiting for suspend/resume a since sony touted it...Hope it comes soon. Despite the delays, I believe slow motion is better than no motion and that sony will get there.

I didn't know the x1 only released a battery indicator notification. Forgive me if I sound like I'm deflecting but shouldn't that of been there from the start? Both are culpable but it seems ms are quicker to fix things in this regard

its_JEFF1676d ago

I'm gonna have to agree with @ballsack, to an extent. I think we should have gotten these, and other updates, sooner/quicker... like on the X1 side. You may not like MS/Xbox but boy do they get those updates out quick!

Bathyj1676d ago

Yeah, he's right we should have got them ages ago. No one's denying that. But should we not be happy now because were finally getting them admittedly late?

I don't get what you guys want. Did you want them to never come? Or invent a time machine, rewrite history and just have them from launch?

You complain if we don't get them, you complain when someones happy we do get them. I guess when a belated feature comes along we should all just say meh, like you are.

stuna11676d ago

It might have been a year, but chances are that year has been devoted to getting things in line to what was promised. To me that's worth the wait! Good things come to those who wait, and technically this update hasn't interfered with why I brought my PS4 for to begin with, which is to play games. It just will sweeten the pot after this update.

GameDev11676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Why shouldn't they?

Sony has listened to feedback for fans and worked on giving many firmware updates within a launch year of the console

Doubt most of us know how they prioritize their updates or how the PS4 OS takes new firmware. But they wont want to rush it and make sure it works well on the OS

I see this every time, firmware update day, you don't get something you like in an update so therefore Sony are rubbish. That can be frustrating but give credit were credit is due, you simply dont know how hard their team works to provide updates.

Sony from day one has said PS4 is a gaming console FIRST but it doesnt stop them from listening and giving updates

ramiuk11676d ago

im a Sony gamer and i totally agree with you dude.
not enough and its taken too long.

A big well done to MS,they might have the weaker console thats struggling but there on the ball with updates and they have to be praised for it imo.

kayoss1676d ago

Its called an "update" for a damn reason. Sure theres a lot of things that i wish it had when it was first released. But thats not how things work. You release a product, see what improvements you can make, listen to what your customers wants, and look what you can add. then you release an update to add those items.

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IRetrouk1676d ago

Whats the diff between share play and invite play?????

ps3rider1676d ago

You know the desktop remote features in pc.. share play do rhe same ... u can take control of other ps4

IRetrouk1676d ago

I understood that one of them was for that, i take it invite play is for inviting friends who dont have the game? Thanks for the reply.

buyakabuyaka61991676d ago

Great job Sony. Keep up the good work.

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