Angry Joe's Review on Alien: Isolation

Assisted by Working Joe's, Angry Joe reviews the Horror Survival game, Alien: Isolation! Is this finally the game that Aliens fans have been waiting for? Find out!

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FasterThanFTL1884d ago

Awesome, his reviews are very entertaining.

badboyz091884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Any Random Guy can make Reviews and you guys take serious?

Before you Disagree. This is the Same guy that didn't own a PS3 last gen. For what reason I don't know.

FasterThanFTL1884d ago

Angry Joe is not any random guy.

Hellsvacancy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Well you're a random guy and I don't take your comments serious, at all

Angry Joe is only a random guy if you don't know who he is, obviously, i've been following his reviews etc for years, same as Boogie2988, AlphaOmegaSin, Total Biscuit

If you don't know these people it's on you

Heisenburger1883d ago

This ain't some average joe son, this is Angry Joe.

SaffronCurse1883d ago

His reviews are so much better than those "professionals" at Ign or gamespot.

Insomnia_841883d ago

You won't see reviews as detailed as Angry Joe's anywhere else, there could be more but I don't know any. He goes on every little thing and shows you with footage as he speaks and with no spoilers.

the_dark_one1883d ago

if you would take the time to know more about this "Random Guy" you would know that he is very passionate about videogames, he even created a gaming community with thousands of members, hes reviews are more accurate then those of official gaming websites reviews, he reviews it as it is if he say its a good game you can belive it is a good game, and if he say its bad game then it is a bad game. hes not worried about the "system" of reviews that many journalists seem to follow.
"This is the Same guy that didn't own a PS3 last gen" - so what??? does it make him less of a gamer cause of it???
"For what reason I don't know." - then you should keep your mouth shut about it, and do your research before making yourself look rather pathetic.

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Blues Cowboy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Yep. I'm very cynical of a lot of Youtubers out there, but it's always great to see a passionate gamer get excited and angry about the good and bad parts of any game - especially since it's clear that games are played through comprehensively rather than rushed. GG AJ.

Skate-AK1883d ago

Maybe badboyz is still mad about Joe grilling Major Nelson.

3-4-51883d ago

I would rather READ an angry Joe review...

I don't mind what he says, it's HOW he goes about saying it with all the dramatics like every last thing is the end of the world.

Fkhalf161883d ago

that's what makes his reviews great and better than everyone else.

1883d ago
Sly-Lupin1882d ago

I don't really like his little skits.

But he deserves major credit for being one of the very few reviewers willing to call Creative Assembly out last year for the pile of shit that was Rome 2. Everyone else just gave the game a free pass.

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oODEADPOOLOo1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Im def getting this game, but with seasons pass im not sure if I wana wait until black friday or year later to get full experience at a good price.

On a related note..the alien anthology blu-ray set is $25 on Amazon now.

tlougotg1883d ago

Overall reviews are positive for this game, as soon as it drops to like 30, I'm all over it.

morganfell1883d ago

This game does a better job of recreating the atmosphere of its source material than any movie related game to date.

It feels like Alien. Not 2, or 3, or Resurrection. But the original. And it's a great achievement. Still laughing over that Broketober comment.

randomguy351883d ago

Very good game imo..put on some headphones hearing the alien breathe down your neck is very frightening.

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