Sony Hints PS4 Firmware 2.0 Release Date, Why No DLNA Support Yet, More Features Yet To Be Announced

Sony has just hinted a release window as to when PS4 owners can expect launch of PS4 firmware 2.0, and also revealed that more features are yet to be announced that will coming with PS4 firmware 2.0 and why it is taking so long to add DLNA/Video Player support.

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jhoward5851886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

what about You tube support? on the PS web browser that is.

TheEternalGamer1886d ago

you can already go to youtube on the web browser. And their working on the youtube intergration for the share feature. Which will probably be in this update 2.0.

XisThatKid1886d ago on the browser works

Army_of_Darkness1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I just need MP3, MP4 and MKV video/ audio support and I'll be an even happier PS4 owner :-D

Mister_G1886d ago

And if you pair your phone/tablet to your YouTube account you can control YouTube in PS4 browser with it, pretty cool :)

UltimateMaster1885d ago

2.0 will get the Youtube app.
You can already use Youtube on the browser.

ShinMaster1885d ago

I've been using Plex for DLNA through the browser as well as for... YouTube(for now).

But also this update will add an actual YouTube app.

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Raiz1886d ago

youtube with ps4 firmware 2.0 is officially confirmed

Mr_cheese1886d ago

Unsure who is disagreeing you, it has officially been announced as a 2.0 feature and for that reason it was left out of yesterday's new feature announcement

XisThatKid1886d ago

I doubt it's a legit " disagree but more of a dislike like they may not care or want YT on PS4.i don't take disagrees so literal. This is hust a shot in the dark the person is prolly a fool and denies facts.

TM3331886d ago Show
mmcglasson1886d ago


Apparently they don't! haha

Looking forward to this update.

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Eonjay1886d ago

Check out the official blog. It was already announced and reconfirmed when a comment asked about it.

This posting only covers unannounced feature.

Muzikguy1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I saw that already, and they've already taken something off. The backup feature is now gone. If there's no more to the update, I'm disappointed. Might be the biggest update for them, but it's still severely lacking IMO

Gaming247allday1886d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jaqen_Hghar1886d ago

Youtube app and sharing on Youtube is confirmed for 2.0

A man loves Youtube as it was his most used app on PS3 and now is on his WiiU. Can't wait to be able to share to it and put the best videos on the big screen for everyone too see.

uth111886d ago

I hope the youtube app hase the quality control setting, or at least it's smart with auto. On my TV I stream youtube from directv because my Wii and bluray don't do this well and are pausing to buffer all the time

Thehyph1886d ago

The PS3 version never had any buffer issues. Hopefully, the ps4 version isn't a downgrade.

Although the ps3 app was pretty much the web app.

kino171886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

or viewing trophies while offline. my internet have been on the fritz lately. and I can't view which trophies I have unless I logon from my computer. a real pain in the you know what

KwietStorm1886d ago

You could have been watching YouTube in the browser from day 1. But they announced a YouTube app is coming in 2.0 months ago.

Insomnia_841886d ago

I've been using YouTube in the PS4 browser for months!

spacedelete1886d ago

i just want the video player so i can watch all my pirated movies on the PS4. Xbox One is getting MKV for crying out load.

1885d ago
Jsoc1886d ago

YouTube is coming in update 2.0

geddesmond1886d ago

Isn't the Youtube App already announce to be releasing with 2.0.

Anyway this is an amazing update and I would much rather bigger updates like this less of the time that updates every month that added one new feature like on PS3.

Can't wait for youtube uploading. I have 7GBs of video I don't want to delete but might have to soon to have more HDD space as mine is nearly full. Now I can store them on youtube for free for as long as youtube lets me.

Not to mention I will soon be able to play GTA5 with my own playlist of bad ass songs to kill to hahaha

jhoward5851886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Yes, I've heard Sony next 2.0 update will have you tube app support, but I would rather have you tube to fully work on PS browser.Well, every time I go to YT and try to watch a vid it says I need to download flash first. When I try to download flash I get a screen that says Flash is not supported on this device. I use several work around with no luck. So what am I doing wrong?

OFF TOPIC: can you please tell if you're experiencing the same thing on n4g. The log in screen isn't fully showing up. 90% of the log in screen is hidden behind another screen. So are you having the same issues.

geddesmond1886d ago

I can see all of the N4G login mate. Also I read above that works o PS4. I haven't tried it as I only really use youtube on my Laptop and my phone occasionally.

cellfluid1885d ago save it on your bookmarks in the browser for the ps4..enjoy sinners

nunley331885d ago

Youtube is coming in the patch and was already previously announced

Leviathan1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

[sexual comment redacted]

1885d ago
Leviathan1885d ago

When Sony implements DLNA I'll buy a playstation 4. I however do not like my cake burnt, SONY. Quit trying to figure out DRM over DLNA already and just give your followers something that could HAVE BEEN EASILY implemented on release. Until you do this, the PS4 is a media center DOWNGRADE, not an improvement. godspeed.

jukins1885d ago

there's work around to the dlna. a quick google search would provide the answer. still not having it native on the system is a blow

nunley331885d ago

quit the trolling really, just get plex and stream to your ps4,DLNA will be out maybe by january

Spotie1885d ago

Man, you are so full of it.

You ask a question that you should already know the answer to, if you own a PS4. Then you skip past all the people who tell you exactly what you should already know, and STILL comment like your question hasn't been answered.

I'm certain this should be considered stealth trolling, but that doesn't get any attention around these parts anymore.

jhoward5851885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I totally agree I should already know the answer to YT browsers work a round. That's what I get for being too lazy huh? I have too many devices that supports you tube. My bad.

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buyakabuyaka61991886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Can't wait. Hurry up sony.

I am sensing this update will arrive before gta V.

Raiz1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Late October is the best bet i can place... November early also look likely.... also wondering what those other new unannounced feature could be...

OVOrizzy1886d ago

Those other unannounced features could be PSN name change.

SoapShoes1886d ago

My most anticipated feature is PlayShare. Custom music is cool but I never used it much on my PS3 anyway. Glad it's here though. Oh and themes, my next most anticipated feature. I just hope external HDD is coming in this or sometime soon. Everything else is just icing on the top.

Jaqen_Hghar1886d ago

What a random timetable you chose. A man is sure it will come before then as well but Nov. 18 isn't much of a timetable. Most likely before October is even up.

Masterchief_thegoat1886d ago

ps4 is where, they have the best first party and 3rd party games. people rather wait cause sony delivers big time...

Gaming247allday1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Microsoft has better first party as of now

below: lol how about MCC or Sunset? or Ryse and KI and DR3 and Project Spark and Titanfall all with the 2 Forzas you mentioned, both of which are better racing games than anything on PS4 at the moment, all games which cant be found on PS4, seems like a good bunch of games to me!

CernaML1886d ago

Uh? The only first party games theyve released so far is literally two Forza games.

Masterchief_thegoat1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

men lie, women lie, sony number don't. ps4 is a beast, I don't think halo gonna stop the train, that not stopping chief to enjoy the hell outta tmcc when it comes out... sony have games in 2015 while ms wanna bring the big guns in holiday season dumb move by ms in that part. where is jan-aug ms first party game will be at?

Jaqen_Hghar1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

2014 will provide for big retail releases

True exclusive: Sunset Overdrive
Cross-gen: Forza Horizon 2, Titanfall
Remaster: MCC

True exclusive: Infamous Second Son (plus first light), Driveclub
Cross-gen: LBP3, The Show, FF14
Remaster: The Last of Us

We all know who has the best indie support and free games

monkeyDzoro1886d ago


Sunset Overdrive isn't a TRUE exclusive since the IP doesn't belong to MS. The IP is owned by Insomniac.
The only true exclusive of MS is Forza Horizon 2.

Septic1886d ago

Lol love this distinction of 'true exclusives' above. Right...

Here's an idea. Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to Xbox One. End of.

tlougotg1886d ago

Ryse? With its low meta, project spark? Trying to be like our killer established IP lbp, Dead Rising? Your killing me man. A remastered tlou alone is better Thn anything u just mentioned so stop it. The only game ppl seem to mention when thy say thy play their xbone is Forza and sorry I'll pass drive club is awesome regardless of online issues it had. Obviously ps4 has something ppl want as evrn with lower prive point and giving away free games ps4 still stomped xbone face in😁

Death1886d ago


Nothing wrong with being shallow, keep running with it.

ShadowWolf7121886d ago

...those aren't first party, dude. Sunset is Insomniac. DR3 was Capcom and is on PC. Project Spark is, but it's ALSO on PC. Titanfall is on PC and published by EA.

You legit have three games and a remastered collection there. Not sure how that amounts to "better first party".

CernaML1885d ago

You clearly dont understand the meaning of first party.

Sunset Overdrive isnt first party. Titanfall isnt first party. Ryse isnt first party. Dead Rising 3 isnt first party. NONE of those games were developed by a Microsoft studio.

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WitWolfy1886d ago

GREAT update, gonna be a blast to try out all these features when it releases.

Muzikguy1886d ago

"We look at all media apps and other features but we also look at how people are using the PS4 and how can we make that experience better for our gamers. Sometimes this means leaving cakes in the oven a little longer…"

I'm sorry but there is no way I'm going to believe that! Just no way. They shouldn't have had to look at how gamers were using the system to come up with themes and DLNA. It has been done already for 8 years. How much more cooking is needed on something we already had and people obviously want!

Eonjay1886d ago

I interpret this response to mean that its just not ready yet. He implicitly implies that this is a must have feature and that it will be coming at a later date.

Death1886d ago

I call BS on this. DLNA had been enjoyed on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 for years. I'm shocked that neither console shipped without this on day 1. It was the most requested feature when the PS4 shipped. To come out now and say they have been looking at how people are using the PS4 to figure this out is a downright lie. People haven't been using it since it isn't available.

nunley331885d ago

DLNA has already been said by sony that it's coming but likely not to come till january at the earliest.