Wii Karaoke U (Wii U eShop) Review - Cubed3

"Karaoke is a big deal in Japan. Whilst Western readers may be slightly bemused by the idea of sitting in a small box with their friends and warbling their way through some favourite songs, it's a large part of Asian culture - rather than being relegated to almost-empty bars and holiday destinations as seen in the UK, karaoke venues are prevalent and popular amongst young Japanese people. It makes sense, therefore, for Nintendo to capitalise on this and bring the fun of a "karaoke box" (a small, intimate room for karaoke, usually rented by the hour) into the living room. Whilst it's obviously not the first to do this, with Sony releasing a total of 35 games in the SingStar franchise in English so far and Microsoft having a decent amount of success with 2009's Lips, Wii Karaoke U is the first karaoke sim to really capture the actual karaoke experience."

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stragomccloud1885d ago

Why won't this come to North America?! Come on Joysound/Nintendo!!!!