The Real Reason PS4 Doesn't Have EA Access

GGG gives their reason why they think Sony doesn't want EA Access available on PS4.

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jackanderson19851879d ago

the real reason PS4... ggg gives their reason

someone needs to look up the definition of real

thekhurg1879d ago

I had no idea this was still a thing... Nobody has said anything about it since its uninteresting launch.

Kribwalker1879d ago

It's a fantastic service. For $30 for the year I've had
Madden 14
Peggle 2
Need for speed rivals
PVZ garden warfare
10% off madden, NHL and will get money off dragon age
Plus 6hr long full game trials/early access to games I've wanted to try.

Not bad at all when the discount on 2 game purchases almost paid half the sub cost for the year, plus the other bonuses

nicksetzer11879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yea, this article is pretty slim on facts, especially after claiming it is the "real" reason. Their reason isn't even really a good one, I highly doubt their backend profit on 1 year old games is very much.

That aside, IMO Sony made the wrong choice not allowing ea access, it is such a great value. Also, if you don't like it, well you don't have to buy it. Not a fan of platform holders restricting choice.

CuddlyREDRUM1879d ago

He went on to state that it wasn't a good venture for Sony, but great for PS4 owners. Sony said it didn't represent value for PS4 owners.

Paprika1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Because of ea's new intro. Big voice says - ea sports its in the game. Little but extremely fast voice says - content subject to future release and paid micro transactions, not all content on disc included.

Yeah, I don't care! Have fun ea :)

Paprika1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

New intro I just thought up, ea need to adopt this... in the trademark ea sports voice...

Mi-cro-transactions its in the game

The micro is said in the EA styled way.

starrman19851879d ago

It is always going to be last years sport games which will always linger off in sales by the time the new one is out, so I don't think it's the sport games that worried them as such. I do agree with the main reason in the article though, money. EA Access is brilliant for the consumer but I can't see it being great for the manufacturer.

I also think PS Now had some effect on their decision, having 3 different subscriptions on one console could be a little daunting to consumers.

Xbox needed the push and Microsoft also seem to be throwing their money about a bit at the moment. I'm glad they did though, I love the program. I wasn't sold at first but they quickly added more games to the vault and it's a clear bargain.

caseh1879d ago

"I also think PS Now had some effect on their decision, having 3 different subscriptions on one console could be a little daunting to consumers."

That's exactly what I think. People don't want a load of ongoing subscriptions and I don't think Sony's offering will be anywhere as affordable as EA's.

A shame really as Sony have decided that it doesn't offer great value to the consumer yet I would have signed up for it on day one.

Eonjay1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

While this is a great theory, there is one glaring detail you omitted: if Sony takes 30% the EA still makes a hell of a lot more money by the program not existing on PlayStation.

So if their games are selling that well, don't the stand to lose a ton of revenue?

Software_Lover1879d ago

I'm lovin it right now. Even if they remove Madden and Fifa next year I've gotten my monies worth for the year that I've had them. I'll just play the new iterations.

Need For Speed Rivals is boss once you get used to the driving. Peggle 2........... it's peggle. I haven't gotten into BF4 as I have that on the pc, plus it has too much cursing to play around my kids.

My personal opinion is that they need to Give NBA live free until they bring it up to par lol

hkgamer1879d ago

Was a decent offer in a sense. On just not into out of date sports games.

Other games not interest in. But sooner or later would have a good enough vault to seembattractive.

Early access is cool and discounts is good. Just that digital prices are not really worth it atthis moment in ttime.

If it comes to EU and for ps4 next year or by ear after then I may get into it.

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The story is too old to be commented.