PS4 has 2nd best ever selling September in NPD history

After doing some research (and a little math) it turns out that the PS4 had a bigger September than previously thought, putting up the second best September sales month in NPD history.

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FsterThnFTL1884d ago ShowReplies(9)
bleedsoe9mm1884d ago

Thats pretty freaking impressive , still curious to see how much the xb1 sold because its hard to compete with that , if they are somewhere between 250 and 300 they are probably happy as well .

hkgamer1884d ago

im seeing ads featuring sunset overdrive and forza horizon.etc ... seems to make the xbone seem interesting and maybe next month they will get good worldwide or atleast eu numbers.

ps4 is doing as crazy as ever. how close are they worldiwwide to how the wii was doing in its first year?

VealParmHero1883d ago

You literally said nothing for anyone to disagree with and yet....

CerealKiller1884d ago

Do you own stock in Sony or something?

badz1491884d ago


if he doesn't have any stock in Sony, he can't be happy the PS4/Sony is doing great last month? which planet are you from?

CerealKiller1884d ago

I'm not hatin' I just wouldn't be that excited unless I had a financial stake in the company. I guess that's just me though since I don't really understand fanboyism.

NewGuy641884d ago

God, anime people are just the worst...

amiga-man1884d ago

If your console of choice dominates sales then the future of said console is guaranteed, not just in support but also software developement.

No developer will look at the PS4 numbers and ignore them, the PS4 will be their lead platform, the software will make the most of the PS4 and ultimately if sales continue exclusivety would be a serious consideration.

As a PS4 gamer big sales is indeed good news.

Septic1884d ago

"If your console of choice dominates sales then the future of said console is guaranteed, not just in support but also software developement. "

Because support for the PS brand was really ever a problem right?

LeCreuset1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )


What a silly, bitter comment.

It's funny you mention stock, for while a PS4 owner may or may not have any, all console owners have made an INVESTMENT in their respective plaform's ecosystem, just as surely as Sega Saturn users made an investment in the Sega Saturn ecosystem. Great sales are a strong indication of a viable ecosystem. Weak sales get you the Sega Saturn. It's not hard to understand.

It's sad you found eleven people to agree with your outburst.

LeCreuset1884d ago


Because publishers and developers just support the PS brand on the strength of its magnetic personality, right?

Haru1883d ago

You're butthurt bro?

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Godz Kastro1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Congratulations to Sony.

Jaqen_Hghar1884d ago

A man loves the Kingdom of Heaven profile pic!

And yes congrats to Sony and the fact that Wii achieved this in its peak year is very promising for PS4 which likely won't peak till 2016 or so. For a system to sell this much in its first full year on the market and for that system to be a Sony one (which traditionally sell for long periods) as opposed to Wii which pooped out in 4 years is very promising for Sony.

NewGuy641884d ago Show
AidenPearce1884d ago


Probably because the reference flew right over his head.

Fkhalf161884d ago

The gap in the US market may close when Halo MCC drops in November.

llxKonanxll1884d ago

Really??? MCC will close a 1 million unit gap?? OK.

TheNew11884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Cod Bundle and Assassin's Creed bundle the same month also. Using some good marketing they could pass the PS4 in November, and they have the deal with Cod, Assassin's Creed, and Dragon age all in the same month. Not saying they will sell 1 million in a month, but that will carry over to December to, same with the Playstation, but the only known title I can think of that has a decent large audience is LP3 for it.

SniperControl1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )


Just like MS had deals with FIFA and Madden, both games are big big sellers but sold better on PS4.
Ghosts sold better on PS4, even with MS having that deal with Acti, just look at Titanfall, MS hyped that to hell and back, PS4 still out sold it.
Not even giving away free games has done anything.

SoapShoes1884d ago

PS4 has the GTA and Far Cry bundle/deal though...

Haru1883d ago

Leave the fanboy dream, after all it's their only left hope

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Loktai1884d ago

I see MCC as being a game that will sell to alot of the existing XBO owners and most big halo fans probably havent waited this long even after all the promotions to buy an XBO the day it comes out. MCC will sell bigtime and I'd be shocked if it wasnt #1 for the month in the USA but it would be shocking if it actually pushed more than half a million XBOs, in the meantime the competition doesnt simply stop selling units.

Moe-Gunz1884d ago

That GTA bundle is a perfect counter to the MCC. November would have been a runaway for MS, but now that a PS4 GTA v bundle is coming it'll be interesting.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1884d ago

And if that does not do it?...I guess you guys will have dx12 next year and DA POWESZZ OF TAH

HighResHero1883d ago

I haven't heard much about the cloud lately. I wonder why that is.

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