Fallout 4 And Where We Could See it Set

LzyGmrs are still waiting for developer Bethesda to announce Fallout 4, so where should the ext installment take place?

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Fil1011876d ago

How about when we can get our hands on it ?

Saryk1876d ago

I wouldn't mind London. But Texas would be good, so would Pittsburg and I would love Louisiana (pick a place).

Good lore here though.

Gravity_DoGG1876d ago

I would like my home town Aalborg in Denmark. NoW, let's sign that petition, Shall we ;D

Swiggins1875d ago

I would love a Fallout set in a European location, it would be a nice change of pace...but unfortunately it would be hard to do because of the Fallout Lore.

As for location, my money is on a West Coast outing, somewhere in California say San Francisco or a revisit to Los Angeles...personally I'd love to see what became of San Diego after the Great War, the military infrastructure alone would make it an exciting destination.

bleedsoe9mm1876d ago

i thought it was confirmed a long time ago that it was set in Boston

Link2DaFutcha1876d ago

It was, being from Boston I am really excited about it, all of the Harvard and MIT stuff will give it some cool tech, not to mention the underground passage ways and secret jazz. HAving some kind of exploration to the harbor islands would be real cool as well.

NukaCola1875d ago

Agree. And I bet a big DLC pack will be in New York, and the ideas just get me excited!

Audiggity1876d ago


You kind of blew this article up, didn't you?

I remember that announcement as well. Good work.

Kingdomcome2471876d ago

I'd heard Boston as well. I think Philadelphia wouldn't be too bad. Like D.C have the chance to see a lot of America's historical sites in shambles.

Audiggity1876d ago

Philly would be awesome... I'm from Philly, I can't imagine aggression levels spiking much higher than they already are around here!

Fallout in Philly would be chaos. Just constant fighting... Eagles fans refusing to admit that the team fell apart.

Every car = flipped

Kingdomcome2471876d ago

Lol. I'm a die-hard Cowboys fan so I have a nice little cozy spot in my heart reserved solely for my Eagle hatred lol. Yeah, I think Philly would make for a truly amazing Fallout locale.

orakle441876d ago

Hasn't it already been rumored to based in Boston/New England?

Swiggins1875d ago

I forgot about that, you're absolutely was heavily rumored to take place in Boston.

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The story is too old to be commented.