3DS falls behind PSP in US sales during same time period

Despite the release of Super Smash Bros, the Nintendo 3DS fell behind Sony's older PSP console in terms of US sales during the same time period.

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Concertoine1878d ago

The psp is way more successful than most people give it credit.

Jason_Plays_PC1878d ago

I was really suprised by this actually.

Qrphe1878d ago

The PSP was successful but it didn't seem so since it trailed way behind the NDS. The 3DS may not be as successful as the PSP but it's way ahead of the PSV. In all honestly, I doubt handheld gaming will ever be able to recover from the blow of mobile gaming.

miyamoto1878d ago

87 million units sold and still selling is no small feat
psp is a success on its own given that it was marketed to hardcore gamers

mikeslemonade1878d ago

^correction, it's 80.7 mil. And that's suprising because the last time I saw sales they were 65 mil. I haven't check the sales for the PSP in a while but it was pretty much "dead" last time I checked.

Much of the reason is the PSP is still alive in Japan. And I'm suprised PSP is ahead of the 3DS LTD. Maybe handheld systems really are going out of style.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1878d ago

hardware sales but software sales nope.

sloth33951878d ago

that was because people got it just to put Nintendo emulators on it and steal games

wonderfulmonkeyman1878d ago

I don't know why there are so many disagrees on this comment.
Granted, the way it's phrased is an exaggeration, but there most definitely is a HUGE TON of PSP owners that hacked their PSP's just to download and play games from other systems.
There's no denying that; it was a very popular system for illegal games.

Qrphe1878d ago

There was a huge ton of owners who hacked their NDS systems as well. You can only blame piracy so much.

Spotie1876d ago

Lmao, you don't know why all the disagrees, even though you admit the comment is an exaggeration?

That's fanboy mentality.

vongruetz1878d ago

It might be, but when it was released, its sales were always compared with the DS. When you compared the two, the PSP fell way behind. So the PSP was always viewed as being a failure.

But now, in hindsight, we can see that it actually did really well when judged on its own. This news really highlights the decline in the handheld market more than anything. It's kind of disappointing.

hkgamer1878d ago

Everyone seemed to forget that PSP was successful and was the first time we had proper console type game experience.

DS did OK with touch controls, but I held back like most people thinking that there would have been a new gameboy line to compete with psp performancw wise. The redesign of ds was when the ds got a big boost in sales.

kayoss1878d ago

Wait... What the hell is a "PSP"??? I thought the only thing that could beat the Nintendo 3DS was the Playstation 4...

Magicite1877d ago

No hate here, only truth:
3DS got about 2 more years of life left and if it doesnt sell over 35m units in its remaining lifetime, then it becomes Nintendo's worst selling handheld (all other their handhelds sold over 80m).

iceman6001876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

2 years of life are u stupid? It has already done over 44 million units already lol get your facts straight. Well the vita is already dead so...

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Masterchief_thegoat1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

You could a lot of things with psp that vita can't do.. psp will be miss. the only good things about vita is playing classic games/some games i like, and remote play with my ps4...

Eonjay1878d ago

Portable devices in general have been fairing worse than their last gen counterparts. Smart Phone are obviously the main culprit.

Idree1878d ago

The PSP was so awesome ;_;

It was home to the best games in my favourite series such as Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear.

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