Destiny Fans, Ditch the Cryptarch and Get Your Light Up By Following These Tips

Ed from Twinfinite writes: Addiction to engram hunting is a serious problem affecting many Destiny fans. This addiction is perpetuated by the evil Cryptarch dishing out depressing blue (rare) gear to Guardians from all over the globe. However, there is hope. You don’t need to obsess over those colorful balls of loot. Whether you’re a veteran of the loot cave or you give up and log off whenever the Cryptarch doesn’t give you what you want, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.

Let me run you through a day in the life of an efficient Destiny player.

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n4rc1883d ago


Buy your gear from vendors.

Christopher1883d ago

Pretty. Much, and as anyone knows, do your daily bounties and heroic missions and your weeklies when you can.

The problem is, those are done in practically no time and all you are left to do is either grind for PvP marks (bleh) or grind PvE with hopes of getting anything worthwhile (also bleh).

What we should have is some form of dynamic, meaningful content in the game that as you get higher level in it greatly increases your chances of getting legendary or better gear. As it is, I still have the same chance of getting something good by killing anything in any part of the game.

Cryptcuzz1883d ago

Do the weekly nightfall each week. You're guaranteed at least a legendary upon completion. I got the Hardlight just the other day doing that and many legendary items and shards/energy that way too.

Christopher1883d ago

I did the weekly Tuesday night. Only got material components, no legendary.

It's not guaranteed.

ITPython1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

The thing is, vendor weapons are all set in stone. Whereas if you get a random drop, the attachments/upgrades/stats for that weapon are randomized.

So far I have found that the vendor weapons just aren't all that great (at least for me). Some are REALLY close to being nearly perfect, yet one or two stats/upgrades/scopes/attachme nts/etc don't line up and the entire weapon just isn't all that appealing.

If I was able to mix and match what the vendors had, then I could craft nearly the perfect legendary weapon for myself. But there is just too many compromises with what is available. And it seems that random drops produce stats/etc that are way better than what you can buy in the tower.

Plus unless the weapon is exactly what I want, I find it is REALLY difficult to spend 150 marks, since it takes me quite some time to build them up. It has to be truly worth it for me to spend that kind of currency.

joab7771883d ago

I know how, i know how. Play the content and you will level.

To be honest, the leveling is too fast. 6 weeks after launch and everyone is 28-30 with tons of exotics and alts being made.

Bungie better have some real events with real rewards or more content coming before December or we may run out of stuff to do lol.

Honestly I think 1st dlc should have been free. Thunk about it, ppl invest 100s of hours, then go play something else, and BAM, free dlc comes out.

JeffGUNZ1883d ago

I'm surprised they didn't do some week thing like the queen and the iron banner. I'm close to starting raids, level 27 and almost happy with my gear. They need to add matchmaking to raids. my friend and I are the only two who usually are ready to go for the VOG and others don't want to. PATCH IN MATCHMAKING!

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Tex1171883d ago

"Loot Caves" are nonsense. Grind up your marks and faction rep. Buy gear from vendors. Can be up and running around lvl 26 in less than three weeks. Probably sooner, but no later than 2 1/2 weeks.

joab7771883d ago

And u can get ur alt to 20 in a day or 2 and with collected gear be level 25+ just like that.