The Biggest September NPD News is That Shadow of Mordor Actually Sold Well

CraveOnline: "September’s NPD Group numbers are officially out, and there’s a lot to talk about. While many are focused on the fact that the PS4 outsold the Xbox One yet again, despite Michael Pachter claiming that wouldn’t be the case, there’s something even bigger and more important to gamers: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor‘s success."

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-Foxtrot1886d ago

Great. Hopefully there next game will allow us to explore a huge chunk of middle earth

ArchangelMike1886d ago

Yeah, and hopefully the nemesis system will also apply to the end game Boss, and it won't just be a 'press 'X' to win' affair.

mkis0071886d ago

I really think people exaggerated how bad the ending was. I have no problems with it because the rest of the game was awesome. Can not wait for a sequel.

nX1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Shadow of Mordor > Assassin's Creed
Ubisoft really needs to step their game up with AC Unity

mikeslemonade1886d ago

That's because Shadows of the Generic is a license game. The casual gamers new about it and that's why it sold well.

iDadio1886d ago

The Nemesis system was far from generic Mike, if you feel that's generic I dread to ask you what you think of AC

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Rimeskeem1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Like you could go to Gondor, Helms Deep, Mordor, Rivendel and the Shire!

--bienio--1886d ago

Agree!!! Sequal can be even better and bigger:)

JimmyDM901886d ago

They deserve every penny.

They did an amazing job on this cross gen game. I can't wait to see how amazing their world building and graphics will be on a solely current gen sequel.

Magicite1886d ago

I hope Monolith and WB gonna bring more Lord of the rings games, they have a good start.

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FsterThnFTL1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Shadow of Mordor deserved its sales unlike Destiny which sold purely on hype and marketing.

WitWolfy1886d ago

This game really impressed me, I'll admit when I first saw it I thought it was trying to ripoff Assassins creed. But hell it did everything except that.

What an amazing game!

gangsta_red1886d ago

Good, I like to hear when other games besides the normal IP's or generic FPS games sell well.

LOGICWINS1886d ago

Indirectly, this proves that reviews still matter...A LOT. Mordor wouldn't have had a ghost of a chance of selling this well if it reviewed poorly. I think THIS is the more important story here.

George Sears1886d ago

Yeah, but this is pretty obvious for new IPs. Especially for those with no hype what so ever.

WeAreLegion1886d ago

Word of mouth and streaming are also incredibly important. Most of my friends purchased it after seeing it played on Twitch. I'm sure many people bought it based on the great response from gamers everywhere. N4G. Reddit. Facebook. YouTube. It was all over the place. People love this game.

iDadio1886d ago

Agree completely, wasn't really on my radar until I saw the reviews and watched some streams which lead me to buy the game. Never looked back after that to the point I got the platinum last night.

GameDev11886d ago

But Destiny sold well and even better and the reviews were average

The opposite can also be said in this situation

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George Sears1886d ago

Always great to see an underdog reach to the top. Kudos to Monolith for creating one of the best new IPs I've played this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.