September 2014 NPD: PS4 outsells Xbox One despite Microsoft giving away a free game

Gamesbeat :

"Sony’s co-marketing deal for Destiny helped the PlayStation 4, but Microsoft had some good luck with its own free-game promotion as well.

Consumers spent $1.1 billion on new physical games and consoles at U.S. retailers during the five-week period from Aug. 31 to Oct. 4. That is up 2 percent from $1.08 billion over a similar period in 2013. The year-long trend of new-console sales making up for lackluster software continued once again."

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SardoNumspa3511d ago ShowReplies(38)
rarity3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

that's alot of consoles sold in a single month in all honesty I except the rest of the year to be no different.

lol didn't patcher say the xbone beat the ps4 this month? It's sad SOME people actually believed him.

BiggerBoss3511d ago

I don't really see how he can call himself an analyst. Maybe he's just trolling us all? Hmm...

HighResHero3511d ago

Quite possible. I've considered some rather ambitious trolling conquests myself.

SardoNumspa3511d ago

Pachter is right now sending off an angry email to vchartz for making him look like a complete fool in the eyes of the console world.

HighResHero3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I don't think ol' Patchy even cares about anything. He'll probably just get all high and sort of wander off.

ThatOneGuyThere3511d ago

SOME people actually PAY him...

dmd91x3510d ago

It's sad people actually care.

UnwanteDreamz3510d ago

Yeah not like you care huh? Clicked the article commented twice. Yeah you dont care.

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DVS-Zev3511d ago

Destiny sold more on X1 but madden sold more on PS4.

Advertising is a fickle mistress

BitbyDeath3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

That was just the standalone, it was already announced in another article that PS4 sold the most overall. (bundles and digital)


DVS-Zev3511d ago

That states worldwide sales no? NPD is just U.S sales

BitbyDeath3511d ago

Wrong article, here is the Americas version.


darthv723511d ago

Madden (physical) sold better on the 360 but in comparison to PS4 and XB1 then yes the PS4 had more copies of Madden sold.

i dont get it either but the way they list them...it sold better on the 360.

Kribwalker3511d ago

Gotta watch that pr speak

"According to Activision internal estimates, the PS4 system is the #1 platform worldwide for Destiny based on units sold through as of October 4, 2014."

Even though it's a article on Sony America its a worldwide statement, not USA only

FarEastOrient3511d ago

Remember NPD doesn't count software packed in bundles or digital sales. At the same time 30% of storefront retail isn't tracked by NPD.

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bleedsoe9mm3511d ago

even with the sony and ms bundles its still just weird

joshw20113511d ago

Xbox One "sold" more because Destiny PS4 bundles only counted as a PS4 sale, not as both a PS4 and Destiny sale. Free game sales when buying an Xbox One counted, and it seems likely that many people chose Destiny. If PS4 bundle sales counted towards Destiny as well, PS4 would have sold more.

This makes no sense considering the Destiny bundle is $50 more than just buying a PS4... Obviously people were paying the $50 extra just because they really wanted a PS4? Completely illogical. If the bundle sold for the same as just the console it would be reasonable, but not when it costs more.

bleedsoe9mm3511d ago

with the sony larger install base i would have thought they would still have sold more copies of destiny , xb1 numbers must have been decent to make that dent .

Thatguy-3103511d ago

Just goes to show how powerful the hype and marketing tactics can be.

DanielGearSolid3511d ago

none of the Destiny PS4 Bundle counted towards that, not sure if the X1 free destiny counted

badz1493511d ago

the X1 free copies are counted as sales per the article.

imt5583511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

That is standalone Destiny. NPD doesn't count bundles. Anyway, Xbone gave Destiny for free. Combine Destiny PS4 standalone and bundles, you get much higher numbers. Sony gave a statement : http://www.hardcoregamer.co...

Edit :

Poor sales for Forza Horizon 2 in US. Even below Hyrule Warriors. Well, Shadow Of Mordor ended in top 5 ( release date same as FH2 - Sep. 30 ). NPD coverage August 31-October 4

GiggMan3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I don't think that includes bundles and digital.

Madden could have sold more on Xbox overall due to the Xbox bundle also. There is no way of knowing until NPD starts tracking digital.